Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Spooker's Own Words
Blue Wednesday

Last week during Doodle Week, I was portrayed as Evil Spooker, bound and determined to destroy Little Isis.
Let me just say that this was a slight exaggeration.  For many years, I was the only kitty with Not The Mama, and the Glorious Center Of The Universe.  Then the interlopers Daphne & Chloe came into my life and shattered my Only Kittiness.  And now I also have to deal with having the tiny ebony pestilence that is Little Isis in my home, stealing away Not The Mama time.  To make matters worse, Little Isis loves to stalk me. 

So, who can blame me for having a week of daydreams where I am the one to stalk her?

Now, things are back to "normal" in the Purrchance To Dream home.... until the next time I go Evil, that is!

Not The Mama has found he likes to Doodle, and we already knew he liked to play with photos in Photoshop - today's picture of me is a combination of Doodling in Paint and Photoshopping!  What do you think of my new House Panthers portrait?
Growls and Hisses,
Auntie Spooker

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Lorianna said...

Hi Spooker! Your NTM and my Momma must have had the same idea to help us blog late at night. Sister, I feel your pain! Toeshee has not touched me YET, but I will make sure that he never mistakes me for a toy and he will never steal my throne!
Your picture is really pretty. NTM is very talented! My Momma... well, she's good at opening cans! :)
Cody says you're pretty and he also sympathizes. He recommends a hit of Nip to relax.
Hugs and Purrs,
Cricket and Cody

Anonymous said...

Auntie Spooker, you are simply gorgeous!! Love the PS effects! Mom has PS envy!

Gallicissa said...

What a stunner!
Thanks for dropping by in my blog

Have a great day!

Mickey said...

That is a really fun and pretty pic!! Mom dudted off her ancient Paintshop too. Doodling IS fun!!
You know,we have a lot in common! I was an only kitty for about 10 years. Then we had a kitty the tormented me,before he went to life with Mom's sister. Then,Mom adopted Georgia & Tillie. I am 15 they are 5 and they pick on me.
Mom is good though. I get to stay in my own room for as long as I want!! They are cute girls,but they are just young and I don't like confrontations :)
Purrs Mickey

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

You are beautiful Auntie Spooker! And we know you are not evil!!!! My mom has PS envy, too!
Your FL furiends,

HotMBC said...

I feels yore pain. I usedta be an only kitty too.