Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunny Monday with Julie

Julie: Oh how I love to be on the sunny porch.

The sunshine feels so good on my furs.

I just love rolling!

Oh yeah, this is nice!

Up I go!

I am happy that the warm weather is here.
I get to spend more time on the porch.
I love my porch !

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Caturday Art: Cowgirrl Baby Edition

First of all, I need to clear some things up. Tristan says I eat all the treats. This not true. He helped. Just cause we run out and bean need go get more, not my fault. She not keep stock up. So hard to get good help these days. Also, I not "little trouble maker" or "instigator". I do none of these things. I only whap him when he deserve it.

So, putting me on wanted poster, not my idea of a good joke. Ha-ha. Not funny.

Giddy Up

Truth is, I'm just a Cowgirrl Baby and like most girrls, just wanna have fun. After all, I was one who round up evil mousie gang and bring them to heel. And no, mousies NOT my minons. (I cannot believe he even think that.)

Happy Trails

And this one is way off base. First of all, I cannot rob stage coach or rustle cattle because, this Cape Coral, no stage coaches or cattles to do anything with. To. Whatever. And as for stealin' of treats, I cannot steal what already belong to me. Temptations are mine. Grumpy Cat Party Mixes are his. It always be this way.

You can see how unjust these allegations are!


Anyway, if you must, you can visit tabby brofur at Tabbylicious. He probably have more malicious lies to tell about me. One of these days, gonna ride him down and toss him in the pokey.

Otherwise, be sure to check out the rest of blogs in this blog hop, which is kindly hosted by Athena Tabbycat Goddess.

As always, all artworks are ©Digicats (& Dogs) and are created in PSPx5. (Although human buy upgrade to x7, she just not install yet.)

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Midnight Holiday Monday with Julie

Julie: Ya know, sometimes I like to sit here and look
out of the porch window.

Sometimes I like to sit in  my box and look out of the window.

 I really like to look out of the kitchen window.
That's because it is where the food is !

Sometimes, I just like to wander around.
It's nice to have options.

I am happy today because Mom is home!
That's because it is Victoria Day in Canada.
Happy day to those that celebrate!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Caturday Art: Born to be Wild Edition

I am Diamond, Queen of the Jungle, hear me ROAR!

Truly, I was born to be wild, but...there are some things to be said about living in house as well. Like not having to be out in rain and getting my beautiful furs wet.

Plus getting scritched and well...Temptations. There are no Temptations in the jungle. But other than that...

In the Jungle

Of course, for House Panther, any garden can be a jungle and I have my territories that rule over with iron claw. They can be pretty overgrown too.

Especially in Florida. In fact, lawn was looking quite a bit overgrown earlier in week but lawn men came and cut it. I do not like lawn men. The noise from their engines upsets me. Cannot take proper nap when they make all that noise.

How dare they keep Queen of the Jungle awake when I tryin' to nap on breakfast bar!


In real jungle I not have to worry about lawn men. I would be the one making all the noise. Or maybe Tabby Brofur would, cause he never shuts up!


Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this look into the life of ferocious jungle queen!

Be sure to stop by all the rest of the blogs on this Caturday Blog Hop. This House Panther now sleep tonight (and Sunday too!)

Our artwork was done in PSPx5, and all of the graphics made the by human and are ©Digicats (& Dogs).

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