Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Whatever

Mom bought this new thing for us. Mija got to check it out first.

Mom ripped the plastic off and put it on the floor. That center area has catnip on it and it's just like the scratching boxes we have. Once it was on the floor, I got to have a sniff.

It smelled so nice. I'm not sure what it's for though. Mom made that white thing go around and around but I don't get why. Then it dawned on me. I know what this is for!

Makes sense, right?



Monday, February 23, 2015

Julie- Our Strange Winter Continues

Julie: We are in the last week of February and our strange
Winter continues. I am on the porch looking outside.
It was raining  and Mom went out to shovel  the 
snow before it froze. The snow was wet and heavy.

I am now checking out Mom`s shovel. It smells interesting.

Mom, I think you will need a new shovel soon.
Hopefully the Winter will end before this shovel wears out.
Can you see how worn out it is?

This latest storm brought lots of rain that we do not need.
Lucky for us, we did not have any flooding on the roads
like they did in town. We did have lots of fog though.
Across the street is a lake. As you can see, it is covered in fog.

This deck is on the other side of the green porch door
in the picture above. We can see the lake from this  deck.
As you can see, it is wet from the rain.

This deck is in the back of the house. As you can see, 
it has not been shovelled all Winter.
That is a lot of snow, but Mom is not going to move it.
She said Mr Sunshine can do that.

Today is overcast and there are some flurries around.
Mom says it will get very cold tonight!
Like I said, this weather is very strange.
How is your weather?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Missing the Warm

The sun hasn't been around much. Oh, we've had parts of days where I can find it.

It comes streaming in the south window of mom's bedroom and I take full advantage of it.

But, it hasn't been around for awhile. It's just been a lot of gray. Mom says if the sun would shine, her furnace wouldn't work so hard. She says she'd just like to see blue skies for a change.

I like it when I can sit in the living room on the top of my tree in the sun and watch the world go by. Is it spring yet?



Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Monday with Julie

Julie: Saturday was the best day of our weekend.
That's because it was sunny and I was on the porch.
Sunday we had a BIG snowstorm.
It snowed, then it rained and then it froze!
Mom says our city is a big mess.

Be that as it may, all I know is that I cannot get on the porch
and snooze like I did on Saturday !

My big brother JJ wishes he could sleep on the porch too.

The ducks have taken to hanging around our yard.

They have discovered the seeds Mom puts out for the birds.
Well, they are birds too.

While it is not sunny, there is a good thing about today.
Mom is home with us as it is Heritage Day!
I am waiting for her to sit and read her book.
She has a nice warm lap I can sleep in!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bauxes, Boxes and the Internets

This article from Wired online magazine, "Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much",  has been all over the Internets lately. Since the Internets is really tubes for us felines to traverse, we've had to step all over this.

Science doesn't really know why we are attracted to boxes, what is, as the author says, their "gravitational pull" for us.

It's hard for scientists to test us. Unlike dawgs, we don't tend to cooperate long term. I mean, really. Come when mom calls? I know where I am. I don't see the point in moving when I'm comfortable. So, trying to figure out why we like boxes or any kind of container is a chore for science.

The latest research suggests that boxes provide a secure feeling mainly when we're under stress.

This study was done on cats in shelters, not on those of us who have homes. (Why any feline is not in a home is beyond me, but I know I'm lucky.) The study suggests that because we're not good at resolving conflict (Ask mom about that. Mija was in my space, I tell you.), a box represents a place to go to be away from the other cat, a place of security.

But there's this cat on the Internets; Maru is his name. He doesn't look stressed when he jumps into a box, which sort of breaks apart the idea that we only like boxes when we're stressed. Personally, I like boxes all the time. When mom has to get rid of boxes because they are all over the place, I am really stressed. THAT'S stress, I tell you.

Another study found that we like the temperature warmer than your average house. That would explain why we like the pools of sunshine we find around the house. A baux is an insulator and helps us retain our body heat.

All of this is nice but what I think is that boxes are just cool.

Big ones. Small ones. In-between ones. If they are the right height, I can rest my chin on the edge and just watch. Read the article and tell me what you think.