Monday, March 27, 2017

I Finally Got Porch Time !

Julie: Oh boy! Sunday was sunny and warmer than it has
been. It was still cool outside, but my porch is enclosed so 
I do not bet the cold breezes.

I have to check everything out.

Not bad, though I will check out another box.

Ahhhhhhh! This one is good for rubbing my cheeks on.

After checking things out, I need a good nap.

If you would like, I will gladly accept belly rubs!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Window Gazing and Welcome Spring!

Julie: Hi mum, Where are you going?
To the kitchen Julie.
Oh boy! I'm coming too!

I love to sit in the kitchen window.
It is nice in the early morning too.
I especially like that I left some crunchies from earlier.
Mum puts them here when I don't finish eating them at breakfast.

I like to look out of the window too.

This was the view I saw.
See that broken tree?

Last Tuesday night we had a big storm.
It started as snow then changed to rain
 and the winds were super strong.
The wind caused the  tree to break.
Mum thinks a lot of the trees were stressed as 
we had a very dry Summer.
That makes 3 big limbs from trees that have broken during
storms this Winter!
That may not be a good thing when Summer storms come along.

This Monday we welcome Spring !
WooHoo! We purr the temps get warmer soon.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Julie's Kitchen Window

Julie: I live to sit in the kitchen window in the morning.

Mum puts out bird seed and I get yo watch Bird TV.

If you look closely, you can see the little birds.
Sometimes we get bigger birds including ducks.
My friends over at Trout Towne say mum should
not spend money on birdseed, but on cat treats.
Well, if mum wants to buy bird seed, she netter buy lots of cat treats !
As long as I have my treats mum can do whatever with her money.

All this talk of food is making me hungry!

This window also makes a great dining area.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Read to Me

One of the things mom did a lot last year, was read. I love it when she reads. I get lap time.

I don't even mind that she balances her book on me while she reads. It's all about being in mom's lap. Sometimes, she reads out loud from the book she's reading. I don't get what she's talking about, but she gives nice ear scritches when she's reading.

She does complain that I get cat furs all over.

Pffft. Every book should have cat fur in it. It adds to the value.



Monday, March 06, 2017

So, this is How the Weekend Went Down by Julie

Julie: Mum said it would be sunny on the weekend.

She was right, it was sunny.

Oh, but it was colder than she said!!

It was too cold on the porch, so I stayed in the house.

Mum braved the cold to do out.
She had to pick up JJ's meds from the Vet.
On the way past the lake,she saw these geese.

In the water!
Can you believe that?
It's freezing outside!

On the other paw...the snow continues to recede!

Mum, let me know when it seriously warms up !