Monday, March 12, 2018

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: We had a pretty interesting weekend.
We had snow,sun , snow and sun at the same time.
The snow started Friday night. Saturday was OK then 
Sunday we had sun and clouds  that caused sun and
snow at the same time.
This is what I did for some of the time.

 By Sunday I wanted to hang out with mum a lot.
She was busy in the kitchen,so I kept
her company.
I sat onb the counter,

the windowsill,

and the floor.

I even spent a little time on the porch.
As it was coolish,I headed back to the kitchen.

Mum saw Earl sitting on the railing outside the kitchen
window. He appears to be contemplating his next move.
Or maybe he is trying to remember where he buried the seeds!

Monday, March 05, 2018

Julie's Half Good Weekend

Julie:  Saturday was a pretty nice day.
We had sunshine so you know where I was !

That's right! I was on the porch and it was pawsome !

The day did not start well as I had to go to the Vet
for my semi-annual check up.
The Vet told me I was purrfect!
I could have told her that!

Sunday it was overcast and windy and colder.
It even affected some people.
Some roads close to the ocean had waves wash over them.
The police had to block off the roads!
The red link shows Lawrencetown Beach...a popular
area for surfers.

I did not like the wind and cold
 so I decided to sleep in my bed near the heater.

Mum says that after Monday, we are not likely to see
any sun for the rest on the week !
Good thing this bed id comfy as I'll probably be
spending a lot of time here.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Julie's Weekend

Julie: Hmmmmmm!
Thought there was something interesting on this part of the couch.

Guess not, so I hopped on to the  sunny seats.

It is sunny and warm out on the porch today!

As you can see, I love sunshine.

It feels so good on my body.

It makes me happy too.

When I am happy, I rub my face.
That makes mum laugh.

 How was your weekend?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Musings with Julie

Julie: I have really been enjoying this weekend with mum.
She has and extra day at home with me as today is a holiday.
I love to be where ever she is.I am always watching her too.

I like to watch mum in the kitchen. 
You never know when treats might appear.
Well, a cat can hope right?

On Saturday, we had lots of sun as you can see from this picture.
There was a squirrel on this branch, but he moved before
mum got his picture.

Sunday, we had some snow. Not a lot,about 10cm (4in)

Earl the Squirrel was eating seeds mum put out.

These are his footprints in the snow.

This is what our yard looks like.

It well not last. Today it is sunny and warmer and tomorrow
it is going to rain again.
Our very strange,conflicted Winter continues!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: Well, our weather is still being very strange.
One week we have snow storms, the next week we
have rainstorms.
At least the rain washes away the snow.
We do wonder,though, what all these up and down
temperatures will do to the trees and plants.

I am sitting in the living room wondering what mum
is going to do.
Laundry she said.

Later in the kitchen I asked if I could go on the porch.

As it was not too cold Sunday, I got to go on the porch!
Here I am checking out some dried bayberry leaves.
I did not eat then, just a little sniff.

 Just checking out this purple mat.

I like hanging out on the porch.

I moved to my favourite spot.
I can see the front yard from here

I like to look out and see is Earl the Squirrel is around.
I did not see him ,but another time I will.
Still, it was fun to be on the porch.