Monday, November 30, 2015

Where Mom Went -by Julie

Julie: So, Mom spent time with me on Saturday and I liked it.
I always like being with Mom.

On Sunday she was out all day.
Some of it was spent here.

The rest of the time she spent touring 3 homes 
all decorated for Christmas.
She said it was the 20th year this has been going on,
though she did not go to the first few years.

Because she was away Sunday, she owes me 
a lot of scritches and treats.
I think that's fair!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Rainy Monday with Julie

Julie: It's pretty rainy here today.
It was rainy all day Sunday too, and we have had
some pretty gusty winds. It's good to be indoors.

However, there is not much to see outside, so I thought 
I would sit here and have a bath.

I do pause once in a while to check on the outdoors.

Nothing happening, so I continue my bath.

Well, I did my face and ears. That will do for now.
Now what do I do?

Guess it's nap time.
See ya later!

Monday, November 16, 2015

I like My Kitchen Windowsill

Julie: I like my kitchen windowsill.
Being in the kitchen, it's close to tasty food!

I can see outside and watch Critter TV and I also
sit here to watch for mom coming home after work.

I like to eat up here.


That was tasty. I sometimes leave a few crunchies in my 
dish for later.Mom feeds us early and I like a snack
mid-morning. The other kitties do not bother my dish up here.

That will do for now.

There are some crunchies left for later.
I think I will clean up and go have a little nap.
Then I will come back and watch for mom to come home
and have supper.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Toe Check with Julie

Julie: Hi friends. I am going to have a good snooze
in this glorious sunshine!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! It feels so good and warm!

It's even bright in my eyes.

Oh,wait! Treasure what are you doing?

Treasure: I'm just checking your toes to make sure they are
clean.You don't want dirt over these comfy towels.
It's OK, though. Your toes are clean.

OK! Now that the toe check is over, I can get on with my snooze!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

What Is This?

Mom got this thing called an "ipad". She says it's to help her be more productive about posting to this blog and her personal blog. She can post photos and type all kinds of stuff while sitting in her recliner with her feet up. Of course, that means I can commandeer her lap, but we'll see if negotiation is needed with this new toy.

Mom said she got something for us, too.

She said I'm supposed to bat at the fishes. Huh? What?

Boring. I sniffed it but there weren't any treats there so I went back to my snooze.

Does your mom have one of these ipad thingees? Do you play with the fish on the screen? I actually think mom had more fun poking at the fake fish than I would.