Monday, July 27, 2015

Window Gazing with Julie

Julie: You all know how much I love my porch.
That is because there is so much to see outside.

This weekend I got to see another critter I do not see often!

Mr Groundhog came back!
This time he stood up.
I think mom made him nervous even though she was indoors.
He  showed his left side...

Then his right side.
I think he looks pretty good.

After he left I had a nice relax.
What interesting things do you see from your windows?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Selfie Monster

This is why I do not take selfies.  I have short little legs and cannot get camera far enough away to focus!

Camera Hog

Selfie Monster

RAAAAWWWWRRRRR! The Selfie Monster is coming to get you!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Midnight Monday with Julie

Julie: Hi friends. I'm going to show you something
I love to do.

Scratching my cheeks. This is very helpful when your purrson
is busy or not around.

All you need is a cabinet corner.
As you can see, this corner is worn down.It was lovingly used
by many cats that came before me.

Then you can rub and scratch away!
Not as good as mom, but it feels good!


There, now I can continue  with my day.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Caturday Art: Caution: Diamond at Work

There were all kinds of big trucks on our street this week. "What they doing?" I ask my bean as we watch them from veranda.

"I don't know," she say. "Constructing."

"Constructing what?" She say she not know. "Constructing Pet Supermarket?" She says she not think so.

But empty lot be good place to put new Pet Supermarket. Then I could shop there effury day.

Diamond at Work (1)

I do not know much about constructing, but I do know that you need plans to construct anything. "Maybe I go see what kind plans they have," I suggest.

"No," she says. "Stay on the veranda. You are a little cat and they are very big machines." Okay, she have point. "I'm sure they are just fixing the sewer lines," she says. Again? You mean they STILL broken?

Diamond at Work (2)

"What kind of machine that?" It very impressive at moving dirt around. I find anything that can kick litter better than me impressive.

"Bulldozer," she says.

"Bull....??? It put bulls to sleep?"

"" Seriously, should call it dirt mover. Name it what it is.

Diamond at Work (3)

Anyway, I think they done now and they street looks all new. So maybe they not construct anything, but fix street. Which not very useful to me, as I do not go in street. However, will make it easier for bean to go get me treats at day hunting ground.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Midnight Monday with Julie

 Julie: We had a pretty sunny and warm weekend.
Good thing too as Mom was pretty busy and I had to amuse
myself a lot.

Here is a raspberry for you Mom!
Oh, and clean the windows!

At least there was Squirrel TV to amuse me.
Earl the Squirrel was helping himself to the
seeds in the birdfeeder again.

That Earl will do anything for seeds!

As for me, I am just enjoying the fact I got to relax
on the porch,snooze and sunbathe!