Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Naughty Noodle Schemes Again!

Okay, enough is enough! I want him out that door now! (That's a song my Momma remembers from when she was a little girl.) I am singing that song now about Kittenzilla. (Toeshee) So far he has not touched me. He jumps on Cody and Billie, but when I growl he knows I mean business! I say, "Listen little man, if you as so much as lay a paw on me, I will end you!" He makes a pathetic (fake) scared noise and backs off.

Momma says my growl is not a noise you want to hear in the dark of the night. I take that as a compliment!

I come out of Momma's bedroom more often now because I refuse to let Kittenzilla deprive the rest of the family of my beauty. I also grant Momma and The Big Man Who Plays With Me Sometimes, the opportunity to pet my silky ,shiny fur. Today I even slept on Momma's tummy for awhile when she went to rest upstairs. Hey, I took pity on her and she does bring me Nom Noms three times a day!

I did express my displeasure last night with a good vengance pee. It took a lot of paper towels and stink remover to get rid of it! Mind, you I don't think my pee stinks, but you know how beans are! sigh...

My nickname is Naughty Noodle and I have to work hard to keep my naughty "rep" going. hee hee!

Well, that's enough of my musings for now. I have deeds and vengance to plot and I must find a good bbq recipe while Kittenzilla is still young and tender. Oops! I forgot Momma reads this! Curses!

I still say naughtiness is the only way to go. Later Panthers!

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Mickey said...

Way to go Cricket!!! You must keep Kittenzilla in his place!!! Heehee I love that name!!! Your furs are beautiful too.Just what I expect from a House Panther !!
Purrs Mickey

HotMBC said...

Keep that nawty rep up fur sure!