Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Great Big Thanks!

Just wanted to give a great big shout out of THANKS to the great kitties (and their typists!) who've posted recently here at House Panthers!
Thanks to Tillie for sharing a great week of Doodles with us!
And thanks to Spooky Do for wonderful regular Midnight Monday posts!
Thanks to Huffle Mawson for agreeing to an every-other week Down Under Sunday post (we're all looking forward to learning more about your life in Australia!),
and thanks to Alex and Bear and Cricket and Cody for introducing themselves = we hope to see you posting lots more here!
Not The Mama

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yup! and I'm gonna do my Thursday is Grrsday this week (now that doodle week is over). and guess what Thursday is? besides Grrsday? IT'S THE DAY BEFORE MY (FORMERLY) BLONDE GIRL COMES HOME! oooh, I gotta go tell Fat Eric to watch for her...she's gonna get to London by tonight and stay there till Friday morning. AND THEN I GET TO SEE HER AGAIN!

Jewelgirl said...

Thank you I enjoy posting here. I have always
loved black cats and I will continue to take
photos of my beloved Spooky Do for House Panthers. Midnight House Panthers is a lot
of fun! Finally I figured out how to post
a comment on here.....Have a great day!
Always, Jewelgirl