Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caturday Art: Travel Edition

Most of the snowbirds have left Florida and as summer coming, we start to think of vacation. I do not actually LIKE to go on vacation, but it fun to stay home where I comfy and PRETEND to go on vacation. To that end, a box is a great thing to have, as it can be a train, or an airplane or even a hot air balloon when I pretend to travel!

This week, I do some traveling Steampunk style, from the comfort of my new Target box! Here my bags are packed, and I have ticket and good traveling hat on!

Gothic Journey Express

Here I am as aviator cat. I bet you did not know I could fly plane did you? I can fly airship too, which is why I have airship aviator pin!

Fascination Field

Steampunk strange and mystical universe where I can carry out experiments as well. Perhaps I develop a better way to travel. What do you think?


Thank you for looking at my Caturday Arts! Be sure to stop by Tabbylicious and see what Tabby bro-fur is up too. Also be sure to stop by rest of stops on this Caturday Art blog hop!

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Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

Wow, these are awesome! We have to get back into Caturday art but we're doing news today.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Diamond, you look great.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Diamond, you look great.

Georgia and Julie said...

We are lovin' your steampunk travel style!
We especially like the idea of having a box where we can pretend to travel and think up all sorts of ideas :)
We hope you can find a better way to travel!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

robin lorraine williamson said...

diamond you are beautiful as always love all the effects have a great weekend

Marie Symeou said...

Amazing art as always!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Deb said...

Wonderful art and you look lovely as always, Diamond.

Mija and Pilchard

Christy Paws said...

Wow! Those are super! I prefer to pretend to travel too.

Maxwell Faraday Richman said...

we always thought a flying carpet might be cool - and comfy too! Think that's steampunk enough?

Caren Gittleman said...

I absolutely LOVE your artwork! It is so cool!