Friday, October 31, 2014

It's What Now

Hi from Pilchard's mom.

I was gone last weekend which causes more than a little stress around here. Pilchard has decided to remind me of what I missed.

I love the look on her face. We could do a whole caption event with this photo. She's also been waking me up about 1 am, sitting on the pillow next to me and meowing. No, I don't have photos of that.

I like to think that we black cat co-habitors (I don't really like the term 'owner' because I'm not sure who owns whom in my house) are cool every day of the year, but especially on this date. Pilchard used to sit in the front window and watch the trick or treaters arrive until one little boy thought it would be fun to rush the window and scream at her. Since then, she hides.

Said recollection leads me to my next point. Although I know I'm 'preaching to the choir', as it were, I hope you will all keep your House Panthers safe tonight. I came back from my trip with raging allergies and a nasty cough so I'm not handing out treats this year. That will mean few stomps on the front steps and few rings of the doorbell, which send both of my girls scurrying. So, Pilchard is saying to me, "I don't care how cool you think my living with you makes you, I am not amused by this holiday."

Have a happy and safe Halloween, wherever you are.


Pilchard, Mija and their mom


Summer at said...

Pilchard, that is an awesome look! You could use it in so many different situations.

Georgia and Julie said...

We love that withering look too ;)
Summer is right, it has many uses.'
We purr you all have an enjoyable evening.
We are as we do not get any ghosts or goblins.The trailer park down the main road away is more enticing. We do not mind ;)
Happy Halloween !
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Debra Taylor said...

I like what you say about being co-habitators. Sometimes I say owner but I actually think of cats as people.

All the best for a fun weekend to all of you!!

For those reading this, check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage and some informative posts for cat

meowmeowmans said...

NICE look, Pilchard. You have skills, dude!

We're definitely keeping our house panthers, Gracie and Zoe, inside tonight (of course, they're inside kitties anyway).

Happy Halloween, dear friends!

Joan Stringer said...

Hi! Pilchard is adorable and that look is priceless! The Fur Children here are all indoor-only, and in fact I fell asleep on the couch with at least 2 cats on me, and we slept right thru Trick or Treat. My sister usually handles giving out candy, but she was working late, so we thought we'd nap a bit until she came in. Well, she decided to go out for dinner, and with cats as blankets, I sleep like a rock...and did! But I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! Happy Caturday! Love, Joan And The Cats