Monday, December 12, 2011

Midnight Monday with Tillie

Oh hi, Tillie here. 
I am enjoying a nice afternoon
on the rug.

Wait!!! I think I hear something!!
Do you hear it Mom?

No Tillie.

Seriously!!! You do not hear anything??

No Tillie, I don't.

It's coming from the bathroom.

Mom, are you sure that there are not any
mice inside the walls??

I am sure I can hear something in there!!!!

Well Tillie, if there are any mice, I am not 
going to tear apart the shower to get them!!


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Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Awww. Tillie. You would think your mom would be glad for you to get the mice. After all I heard her say that she doesn't like them in the house. Better luck next time, honey.

Laura and Taffy

Tillie and Georgia said...

Mom lets me sit under the kitchen sink.Sometimes a mouse will come in that way. I love to play with them,heehee
I certainly hope Taffy is feeling better.She is a very pretty kitty !!! I saw her picture on the CB
Purrs Tillie

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

I love the way you listen with your ears turned toward the noise, and your pretty expression. Hope you can find out what is making it!
Happy Monday,
~ Timothy

Roy said...

Hope you can find the noise maker too Tillie. Nothing gets our clowder more in a tizzy than to have one of the little squeekybutts bumping around in the walls ..... well maybe there's the little birdies in the attic. One nest but what a noise when the baby birdies were born.

MikiCato said: "Looking
good Miss KittyGurl. Yes indeedy!"

We like the pictures too.

Just sayin .....

Katnip Lounge said...

Moms! They are practically deaf when it comes to mice and monsters!

catsynth said...

Tillie is definitely intent on something there. Wonder if it is indeed a mouse or a bug? Luna seems to have an eye for even very small bugs.

Cathyjo said...

I love reading all your post.but found that I can't comment on some of them ,just don't let me. Well you all take care.

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Tillie, the guardian of the kitchen sink. We love it! We don't ever get mice (3rd & 4th floors here), but Taffy will go after any little bug that strays inside. I really like her to get the spiders!

Thank you for your well wishes for Taffy. She is eating better and they called today to say her blood tests were fine. So we're waitng on the poo tests.

I have her picture on my ID now, so you can get another look.

Purrs, Laura and Taffy

orbit said...

Hey Tillie- I used to live in a place where you could hear squirrels running back and forth in the attic space overhead!

meowmeowmans said...

We sure hope you manage to get whatever's making that noise, Tillie!

Linda said...

Maybe it's Santa checking things out for his Christmas eve run. He wants to make sure every thing is perfect. Either that or it's mice in the walls. MOL!


Meowz Tillie!
This was a wonderful photo-rama of you and your gracious style!
Kitty Smooches from all of us ♥