Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday! It's Me, MikiCato, from Five Oaks.

     Hi, I'm MikiCato's servant, the one he calls Large One.  I'm doing the honors today since our star reporter is otherwise occupied, and seemingly disinterested in anything but himself.  Typical Cat activities lately.  Anyway, here goes ......

     Wonder what would happen if I changed that title up there?  I keep forgetting how Miki worded it and have to go copy and paste (can't remember it long enough to hop over here to the post section and type it).  Well, I could leave well enough alone and let MikiCato do his own work couldn't I?  Nah, not in my nature.

This would probably be the 'look' I would get from the little
rapscallion, since he is so serious about his duties as guard
and protector of all things Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA™.
      We're supposed to have a 'theme' today, a 'subject of conversation, either written or photographed, but for the likes of me all I can think of is ....... well, there's nothing there.  Miki is busy (again) as you can see, taking care of business with the kitty sandman, or whatever you wanna call it.

This being my computer chair, I had to wait a good half hour before
I was once again gifted with my seat (replete with a very warm spot).
Something went bump down the hall in the fun room, and himself
just had to go see to the investigation and possible correction of
any and all confusion and disturbances said 'bump' might
have inadvertently caused.

     Right now, I'm thinking I will let this post go with one last shot of our little hero kitty, MikiCato.  This little guy being MY kitty, MY shadow, MY armful, and I must add here, MY headache,  I am quite attached to him, or should I reverse that, him being the perfect example of the title 'Velcro Kitty'?

"I be waked now.  I kin do my posk for da House Panther place
If I can just has a minutes to clean da sleep offn mysleves.
Geez, I doesn't sees where da time goes.  I postes one week's
posk, takes a short nap or threes, and it time to make another
of dem posks.  Is I gettin double duties cheere and only gettin
single pays for all dis work?"
     We will leave it at that.  This cat definitely needs some special care.  Wonder if I can afford a 'cat shrink'?  Probably have to pay the poor shrinks cost of having to visit a 'cat shrink shrink' after he has a session with MikiCato.
     Next time I'll leave this post to the House Panther they call 'Da Mik'!
     I'm gone .....

Roy, Sr.
aka KnightOwl aka Large One
I am also theWizard they call Sergeant Pop

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meowmeowmans said...

Large One, we think you did a pretty admirable job on MikiCato's behalf. We understand about those important cat activities, and appreciate you stepping in!

Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Wow, Miki, you seem to be occupied with everything else but writing your blog. Typical cat, though. Start, get bored, do something else, then maybe come back again. Make sure all of you jobs get done, little one.

Laura and Taffy

Roy said...

Miki sayd: "Thanks for da comments chere. I'm tinkin we needs to trow a partie cere, at leask to gets da folkses comin back in and poskin. I votes for da all you can eats barbecue, lots of much catnips, and da open house at da Five Oaks Manor. 'Course I gots to get da Small One outtada house before we has da parties. Dat may takes a while. I gets backs to y'all on dis one."

The Purr Diaries said...

Haha typical cat to be busy doing something else! ;o)

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Very sweet! So well appreciated, is nice to see!