Monday, November 21, 2011

Midnight Monday with Tillie

Guess what? Mom was busy with her sister
this weekend. They had projects they wanted 
to work on . They did this at Mom's sister's place.

I am wondering around because I miss Mom.

Mom has vacation left and she is taking days off

Mom, why don't you spend them with me???

Don't worry Tillie.I will spend time with you.
You know, I miss you too!! I just have one 
more busy weekend this weekend coming.
We are getting ready for the annual
 Tea and Tour!!

OK Mom. But remember, you promised!!

I'll remember Tillie.

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Oui Oui said...

Oh, Tillie, your mom loves you and is going to be with you soon. We're sure she'll have lots of fun things for the two of you to do & good things to eat. You can come over here any time you like, we have a house panther too - Carl.

Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Oh, Tillie! Are you lonely little one? You can come over here and we'll play with you, so you don't miss your mom so much. Here, I'll toss a toy to you. [Toss] Did you catch it? Good girl!

Laura and Taffy

Luna und Luzie said...

Poor Tillie,
we are sure your mom will spend more time with you !
We want to play with you too but unfortunately we live far away!

We send you some purrrrrs and hugs!

Roy said...

MikiCato says: "Tillie, is time to get a playmate, I'm tinkin .... maybe anoder House Panther. Tell da Mom type you needs a playmate. Maybe dat make her spend more time wif you. Still, you knows she luves you."

Cathy Keisha said...

Your Mom should stay home with you. You have my permission to stop being so polite about it.

Katnip Lounge said...

You are due at LEAST an entire day of pampering, luvvins, and hand-fed tid-bits and grass blades!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Tillie! We hope your mom starts spending lots and lots of time with you! You sure deserve it!!

Tillie and Georgia said...

Taffy, thanks for playing with me :) I will be happy when Mom stops running around on the weekends. She does make up for it with extre snuggles though :)

Abby Normal and Stygia said...

Good thing you are so watchful, Tillie. Have to keep the people in line.

catsynth said...

We can sympathize with Tillie. Hope she gets lots of love an attention soon.

I miss Luna a bit when I'm away.

Admiral Hestorb said...

You are beautiful and who wouldn't love holding and kissing you, pretty girl?

Purrfect Haven said...

we stand tall with a banner ... saying...BE WITH THE KIT... Lovely to discover you. Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

Glogirly and Katie said...

Be careful what you wish for! Glogirly has been home ALOT lately and I can't get ANY rest. If it's not the painters, it's the cable guy. sheesh! I need my rest.
xo Katie