Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hi everyone,
Based upon the feedback in the comments from the previous post, the general consensus is to keep the House Panthers blog open.
Sorry if I over-stepped my bounds with the letter, just hate to see this place sit around un-updated.
Thanks for taking the time to comment.
Mo (aka NTM)
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meemsnyc said...

Hooray!! Glad to see the blog go on!

tekorin said...

We came from the JEWELGIRLZ KATZ to say "Please keep the blog going on"!
Our 2nd boy Ku-suke is a house panther!
We LOVE house panthers SO MUCH!!!

Brian said...

We will try to visit often!

Sammy and Andy said...

I will try to post more often.....seems that the days I come to post someone has already posted for that day, and I don't want to post over them on the same day. Then I get off doing other things and forget to come back the next day.....sigh.....will try to remedy that. Sammy

catsynth said...

We came back to comment on the open letter from earlier this week. Glad to see that the blog will stay open. We'd like to participate more. Would it be kosher to repost some of Luna's CatSynth posts here occasionally?