Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stygian Saturdays: Stretch!

Stygia: There are many ways to show love and longing for your favorite humans, cats, or others... sometimes, I meow outside a door when I know Mr. R is inside and I am not. But I also love Ms. C, and she gives me lots of belly rubbings and ear scratchings and lets me sit on her lap.

One of my favorite ways to exhibit my love is by stretching and touching my paw to her:

How do you show YOUR love?

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Mo said...

Stygia: that is a great stretch, and a great gesture, too!
Spooker will sometimes stretch out like that and touch me when we're both on the bed, but she likes to touch my chin instead of my toes!
Chin Scritches to you!
Uncle Mo

Margaret Cloud said...

That is such a nice picture and if I could I would scratch your tummy you are showing.

Anonymous said...

catnamedsinbad on twitter says:
I run from one throw rug to another long enough to lay down and show my belly fur a belly kiss

Elin~ said...

I will rolling over on the floor when I want to be pet, and when the humans are in the relax mode, I'll get on their lap, and massage their tummy!

It's true!

Anya said...

I must think about it ;)
I think if I lie on my back ;)

Percy the Cat said...

My new mum likes to pet me when I am laying by her on the sofa, and she definitely gives more pets when I am showing her my belly.

The Island Cats said...

Great stretch, Stygia! I like to give my mom kisses!

Cat with a garden said...

That's a sweet way of showing your love, Stygia!
Siena walks up to mom when she's laying and sits on her chest to purr away. She's not that cuddly anymore so everytime it happens mom beams with happyness. Chilli is a love bug and shows so by rubbing against her and purring like a lawn mower.

SoFine09 said...

This picture is so cute. My black cat loves to do that with my toes all of the time too. She also likes to wake me up in the morning. She jumps on me and then licks my face with her sand paper tongue. hahaha

C said...

Nice tummy picture!! Mom loves tummies!!

Aoise said...

I curl up on miewmie's bed and then she can't resist my floofy tummy fur.

Jewelgirl said...

I rub my face on the families hands
and purr deeply like a Man cat!
~ Spooky Do