Friday, April 03, 2009

Maya on Friday: To catch a fly

"Do you see the fly on the safety bar there in the window?He looks like a raisin"
"Whap at the fly,as much as you can!"
"Flies are real quick,and can fly around,so sometimes you gotta whap higher up too"
"Ooh,I bet that stoopid fly is hiding behind this boxy thing"
"That's why I can't find him ~ he's on the other side of this shiny window!Silly me.I'll just tell mommy I ated the fly,and that's why he's gone"
"Wow,fly-catchin' made me real tired.I'm just gona lie here and watch mommy do the laundry.Much less work"

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Anya said...

What a greaaaat action shots to catch a FLY.....
Kareltje is also a little crazy when he see a fly......he works so long that he catch the fly....and that takes a long time LOL

Mo said...

Maya, you sure are a cutie pa-tootie, I'm so glad you've joined us here at House Panthers!
chin scritches,
Uncle Mo

Elin~ said...

Sure it is tiring! But u struggle a lot!


My Siberian Kitties said...

Very cute photos !!

The Island Cats said...

Maya...tell her it taste like a raisin too!

SoFine09 said...

Love how you put a voice to your black panther! It is so cute.

Jewelgirl said...

How was the fly chase? Did you get a goooood treat after the fun?
Spooky Do

TeeRoonie said...

ahhhh, kitties sure love fresh laundry, don't they?