Friday, April 24, 2009

Maya on Friday:The Outside

I told my mommy I'm tired of just sitting on the couch all day!
If I go through this White Gate,at our front door,I'm in the garden,where there's lots of bugs and leaves flying around for me to catch
That's it,I'm going out
See?I want to go out there and play,it's much funner than in the living room

* Even though mommy says I'm naughty for bringing in ALL the leaves and flowers I catch,she's still very happy that I don't catch birdies or mousies.There are lotsa birdies that live in the trees in front of our apartment,but my neckbell tells them when I'm coming.Mommy is a real spoilsport,cos I want to catch a birdie!

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Elin~ said...

My collar bell ruin my bird hunting activity too, but I ran fast!

Nice view, and cute u!


pughy said...

Oh never mind sweety, you at least get to go outside a little.

Hugs GJ x

Lucy Belle said...

I don't go out but that's ok I guess. Mommy sez iz safer.

Pen Pen said...

:) She's SOOOO cute!!!! I'm thinking of getting Jasmine this leash that goes around under the legs and back so Jasmine and I can dash around town together. She like to go outside!!! :)

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Maya! It sure is a big world out there!