Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stygian Saturdays

For today's episode of Stygian Saturdays, I thought it might be a good occasion to display my paws for you, both back and front.  My paw pads are dark, but I run around so much (all my sister's fault!) that they have a roughened look to them:

I know you needed to see the other side of the paw, too:

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Anonymous said...

Stygian, we think your paws are fabulous! Not too soft, not too rough! Just puurfect!

Mo said...

Stygia, I love your paws.
I'll bet they're great for thwapping!
Not the Mama

GRRRETA said...

You have the sweetest little paws. Those are adorable pictures.

Sen and Tom said...

Those paws are just beautiful, Stygia!

Cat with a garden said...

Fine paws! Both front and back!

Cory said...

What beautiful paws!