Friday, April 04, 2008

Formally Feral/Foster Friday

black cat
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Hockey Puck is the youngest of the Felines at Petronious the Arbiter. The last post we was from Petey, which was in February of 2008 saw the Puckster all grown up!

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Friday's Events at Cat Blogosphere
Hey you guys, it’s Feline Friday!
Foster Friday started by Kat’s Cat of the Day
Formerly Feral Friday for all formerly feral kitties
Finally Friday started by Gandalf & Grayson
Frootbat Friday for cats to show off their big ears
and it’s Fashion Friday for our furry fashion diva furriends!

Board the Friday Ark at The Modulator
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Weekend Catblogging!

Find Weekend Cat Blogging #148 (Apr. 5-6) is being held by Bad Kitty Cats (Who did not yet get last weekend's Festival of Chaos posted)!

Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos #39 (04-06-2008) with Ms. Mog & Kitty Cats at Mind of Mog.
Optional Theme - TBD
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The Carnival of the Cats #212 (4/06/08) is being hosted by Amar and Luna of CatSynth
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Join Photohunters on Saturday. This week's theme is "glass".

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The Whisker Response

The paws and face are highly tactile and are used to investigate the texture, size and shape of an unfamiliar object. Whiskers, called vibrissae, are both tactile and protective.

Cats sport about a dozen whiskers on each upper lip - along with smaller ones on each cheek, above each eye, a few on the chin, and on the underside of each front paw.

Although whiskers may look analogous to a bushy beard or moustache, human whiskers have little in common with those of a cat.

Whiskers are usually thicker and stiffer than other hairs, implanted in a special follicle and sealed in a capsule. Connected to muscle, whiskers can be moved backward and forward.

The position of feline whiskers varies according to mood and desired communication. Fanned forward during inquisitive or friendly investigation, whiskers are held backward when a cat is on the defense, frightened or angry.

Used as locators, her whiskers can get her into or out of tight spots. By judging how wide an opening is before entering, whiskers help to determine her ability to fit through small spaces and openings.

Cats do a lot of exploring with their faces. It's the first thing that goes into a hole, or around corners, or when cats navigate behind and around furniture:

Typically, cats don't see any better in the dark of night than humans, but whiskers may give them an extra advantage by sensing air currents deflected by objects that assist cats in movement.

With the ability to navigate and hunt in low light settings, these nocturnal hunters excel at catching their prey and avoiding being someone else's lunch.

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Win a FURminator!

If you haven't been FURminated yet, you don't know what your missing. It gets all the extra loose hair out of your coat, gets all the itchy places scratched good AND makes your coat incredibly soft and silky. is giving away a FURminator. Two FURminator packages will go to cats and two to dogs. Visit their contest page to find out how to sign up!

Good luck and happy deShedding! Contest ends April 11th, so don't delay!

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Want to join House Panthers? Our membership is open to members of the black, grey (Russian Blue) and dark brown (Bombay) clans. Ask Not the Mama to e-mail you an invitation!

Don't Forget! Monday is Midnight Monday here at House Panthers! Show off your beautiful black coat!

Find a new friend at, the temporary home of 245,845 adoptable pets from 11,827 adoption groups. Over 9,000 house panthers are available around the country!

black cat

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