Monday, March 03, 2008

Midnight Monday

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I figured it Thursday is Grrr-Day, then I should really do Midnight on Monday. Unfortunately, it would appear that Grrr, Cocoa. Riley are all camera hogs and it's really hard to find a photo of Miss Midnight. You can find Grr, Midnight and Cocoa on their shared blog.. This photo was redone using Photoshop's splatter filter.

Monday's Events at Cat Blogosphere
Midnight Monday:
Come on House Panthers, show us your petty black furs!
It’s Meezer Monday for all Meezers with Simply Siamese
Mancat Monday for all ferocious Mancats and mancats-in-training
Movie Monday for our Feline Fellini Furriends

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What's Up with Whiskers? Whiskers or vibrissae (pronounced Vahy-bris-uh) are made up of sinus and tylotrich hairs (highly specialized skin appendages), that comprise a highly sophisticated sensory system capable of detecting slight wind variations and sudden movements. Since cats hunt instinctively, which help us survive.

These prominent follicles aid us to catch prey at close range, much like a pair of reading glasses help humans capture words on a page. "Cats are farsighted and can't see prey they've caught," says Alice Moon-Fanelli, veterinarian and clinical assistant professor at Tufts University's Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine, citing the use of whiskers as a means to get in and out of any given situation.

"Cats in the wild move their whiskers forward when they are about to kill prey," says Michael Tewes, Ph.D., professor and coordinator at Texas A&M's Feline Research Program of the Caeser Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. Tewes, an expert on the behavior of exotic cats, notes that vibrissae prolong big cats' lives, acting as a warning system to protect themselves from breakage of canine teeth, which can cause infection and early death.

Domestic cats depend on the same senses as wild and big cats. Indoor cats might use whiskers to mock jungle moves or walk through dark rooms, avoiding bulky furniture and other obstacles.

Moon-Fanelli, who specializes in feline and canine behavior says a cat's whiskers also indicate mood. "If they are pushed forward, the cat is calm, but if the cat is defensive or stressed out, they're closer to the face.

But whiskers aren't just useful to knock out prey and ready kitty's frame of mind, they also serve as a navigation tool. Tomorrow, find out how whiskers serve as our own built in GPS device.

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Good Mews! House Panthers will be hosting the Carnival of the Cats #215, the weekend of April 27, 2008. This will be the first time that I, Diamond Emerald-Eyes, have hosted a Carnival of the Cats and also the first time it will be hosted at House Panthers. I'm really looking forward to this event, and I hope you will join us to make a huge success!

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Want to join House Panthers? Ask Not the Mama to e-mail you an invitation!

Find a new friend at, the temporary home of 245,845 adoptable pets from 11,827 adoption groups. Over 9,000 house panthers are available around the country!

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LOL Catz

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Ooooooh, that's excellent! Thank you! My brothers and sisters sure ARE camera hogs - especially Grr and those kittens. I love what you've done with my picture, and we're all very excited to hear about the Carnival too!