Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Sun on the Porch !

Julie: On Saturday, we had lots of sunshine.
It was warm on the porch, so my brother JJ and I
enjoyed a nice long snooze.


Oh how I live this !


Sunshine is the best!

That's because it rained on Sunday,
and is much cooler today.
Mom is at work, so I cannot be on the porch.
That's OK,as I have a warmer spot  by the floor vent.


Summer at said...

Bummer that your sun went away!

Angel Prancer Pie said...

We've hardly had any sun. So jealous of that sun of yours. It looks beautiful on your furs!

Happy Monday!

Bernadette said...

I'll bet Julie just about used up her relaxed sleeping poses.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Thank you for sending us your sunshine - we are enjoying it Julie.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Deb said...

Ohhhhh, sunshine. We got some over the weekend too. It's just the bestest when we've seen nothing but cloudy days. Glad you could snooze away in warm rays.

Mija and Pilchard

Nerissa said...

Here in Nova Scotia, we get lots of winter sun in January and February. I'm really lookin' forward to that winter sun.


da tabbies o trout towne said... food serviss gurl heer wented bak ta werk two, furst thing we did when her went out de door....yep, sneek online !! enjoy yur monday ♥

Caren Gittleman said...

sunshine is the BEST!!!

Eastside Cats said...

We have sunshine, but's it's really cold outside! C'mon, Spring! Happy New Year!

meowmeowmans said...

Sunshine is definitely the best, Julie. We sure wish it was a little warmer on the sunporch, though. :)

Hugs, and happy new year!

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

oooh such LOVELY sun. Ours has been AWOL a lot lately....