Wednesday, October 02, 2013

What's In a Name?

It's Thursday again. Two more days until full service lap time or box time, whichever I feel like commandeering.

After my post of last week, some people wanted to know about my name. My forever mom didn't name me. The lady who rescued me did. I guess there's a TV show on public television called "Bob, the Builder". (Mom doesn't watch much TV.) For awhile, he had a long-haired black cat named "Pilchard". The gal who rescued me liked to watch that show and thought I resembled Bob's cat. So, I was given that name. My forever mom kept it because it's a bit unusual and she likes unusual.

She didn't know more than that until one day, she was reading a book which she'd received from a friend in Great Britain. In it, the author talked about opening a tin of "pilchards". Huh? That's MY name. I hardly fit in a tin. Heck, sometimes the boxes mom gets are too small.

She looked up "pilchard" and discovered it's another name for "sardine". People who call sardines "pilchards" live in Great Britain or northern Europe. Bob, the Builder is a children's show which originated on the British Broadcasting Company. Leave it to the English to name a cat after a fish.

My sister's name, Mija, is Spanish for "female little friend". The lady who rescued Mija gave her that name. Mom likes it.

Sometimes, mom thinks Mija's too friendly.

Last week, mom forgot to mention she has a blog, If you search for either of our names, you'll find that mom talks about us, a lot.

See you next week.



Julia Williams said...

You do have a very unusual name! I had never heard of it before.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I would hope with a name like yours, Pilchard, you get your share of sardines!