Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday! It's Me, MikiCato, from Twin Oaks.

     Been missing here on House Panthers for a while.  Much happening since the storm, and much still to do, but we just had to stop by and offer our wishes that all reading along had a very Happy Christmas, and will, this next week, have a great Happy New Year

MikiCato considering mayhem on the Large One for getting up close and personal with the flashy thing.  He, of all the boys here at SouthWoodsUSA, do not/don't not/whatever?, take to well to the flash.  Still, I do get some good shots of him from time to time.  Here he was just waking up, and had not, as yet gotten his face and whiskers washed.
After the wash I was very nicely forgiven, got my nose washed, my beard combed a mite, and then was deserted when he heard his Small One bumping and banging around in the kitchen.  Dinner time! 

This was the day Large and Small Ones came home from the local Flea Market with a great big box of yarn and threads and such for the Small Ones' projects with the clicky needles.  She had lots and lots of yarn to roll into balls, and threads to take out and put in their proper places in the little boxes and racks and drawers.  Miki decided it was a good time to claim a highly likely looking warm spot to hunker down for a nap.  He helped with the rolling for a time, found things for the Small One and generally disrupted her work very Delightfully.  Then it happened.  The kitty sand man came, and the House Panther was zonked.  He wound up covered with balls of yarn of all colors and types and sizes and he slept through a couple three hours of it.  When he awoke he was ticked at me because I took the box off Small One's lap so she could get the circulation going in her legs again.
Miki didn't move until I took him out and put him to bed in his little nest on the futon.
Fun day all around, and all those pictures, all the yarn and thread only cost us the gas, and a $5 bill.  Best shopping day for a long time.
     Now I'm gone, but MikiCato will be back again, but not until next year.  Look for him.  He's coming back, and he'll be doing the work.  I have resigned from blogging.  Not really, I just gots me own little blog on our little freebie Web Site at Roy Sr's Place



Tillie and Georgia said...

Well Miki, if to have to zonk out, a pile of soft yarn is the best place :) heehee have a good long snooze!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

Amber DaWeenie said... look so comfy on that pile of yarn. Don't be worried about the flashy beast. If you smile for it, maybe nice treats will follow!

Nerissa said...

The peep is just LOVIN' that bottom picture. The one with the cat on the fence. She's gone all oohy and ahhy on me. purrs

da tabbies o trout towne said...

a veree happee healthy mew yeer two ewe N yur familee :) heerz ta trout at every meel N nap spots a plentee !!

RoySr said...

MikiCato says: Y'all be safe, stay warm, be happy, and come see us in the New Year. We ain't goin nowheres, Honest!

Large One and Small One are gettin more time on the 'puters and are makin up more tails and such, takin more piktures, and plottin and plannin more things to talk about. We jus gots to get dem beans up from dem cat naps to make da posts.

Laters .....

BlueEyedLiar said...

He's so camera shy. It makes the pictures you do get extra cute and special. (: