Monday, October 15, 2012

Mom's Nocturne Night

Hi, Tillie here.  It was a neat weekend. Saturday was sunny,
but a bit cool outside. The porch was cozy and warm. I was
having a good snooze when Mom cam with the camera. 
As you can see, I was not too happy.

 However, when she went, I resumed my nap.

Saturday night, Mom and her sister (Aunty N ) went out to an event
called Nocturne(Art at Night) There were lots of things to see and
they  did not see all of them. Here ate a couple of things they did see.
Bunnies!! A whole bunch of bunnies on a grassy patch .

These bunnies were scary. They had glowing eyes !

There were a lot of displays on the waterfront. This is a 
picture taken near Pier 21. Pier 21 was a main entry place for
 many immigrants to Canada, who arrived by ship. Now, there are 
shops, the Pier 21 Museum and many cruise ships stop here.

Mom and her sister had fun seeing lots of neat exhibits.
They took a few pics  and enjoyed the evening.
I enjoyed my snoozing!!


Dorothy Abernathy said...

I've never thought of bunnies as scary before! Now I'll look at the little gray bunnies in the yard more carefully. Hopefully, my offerings of vegetables and bread will keep me safe!

RoySr said...

I'm thinking we're all wise to be very alert around the little creatures. I always did think they looked a little bit intimidating. :^)

Brian said...

Those are some cool bunnies...and a very cool box!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Sure hate to run into one of those spooky bunnies!

da tabbies o trout towne said...

tillie...whoa...we think thoze rabbits bee poe zessed...we hope they iz knot ree lated ta de easter bunny.....lord noes what kinda candy we will end up with then huh :)

Stacy Hurt said...

OMC at first we thought it was so weird that alla dem rabbits were sittin there pretty as you please! We MOL'd when we scrolled down and then knowed they was *ghostie rabbits!* That is very cool. That Woman wants some now, Cod help us.

Ms. Stella O'Houligan

Rykers Boyz n Allie said...

Mowzers, them rabbits are kinda skeeery! Sounds like you had the right idea - POWER napping beats skeery bunnies!

meowmeowmans said...

We sure like your box! And those bunnies were cool (and sort of scary when their eyes were glowing). :)

m.q said...

i love this page. feels like home.purssss...

BoBo salem (the so ever handsome black kitty)
Meow Meow Family

Nicola Carpenter said...

Thos bunnies look kind of freaky!

The Paw Relations

~*Connie*~ said...

you need to watch out for bunnies.. they have big sharp pointy teef!