Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday! It's Me, MikiCato, from Five Oaks.

     Hi!  It's ME, RoySr, checking in for MikiCato.  Little guy is asleep right now and I'm not going to bother him.  He's had a busy day giving me all the support and help.  I'll let him take over the posting next time.
     This morning I'd like to show off MikiCato's sisfur, Ms Princess, one of the two outside kitties we have living on our car port (read here after CAT PORCH).  She and her sister came to visit one day somewhere around 7 years ago, got some scritches, some treats, and finally, before they left for home, a full bowl of crunchy din din.  Short story here, they both came back a couple days later, the little gray kitty with a broken leg and Ms Princess with a big patch of fur gone from her side.
     Leg is healed now, although Ms Smokey walks with a limp, Ms Princess's patch of fur grown back, and I don't think I could run them off If I wanted to.  Well, to those not knowing, We love cats, would have more if it weren't for the house being as small as it is, and the budget the same size.  We've the four boys inside, so the girls had to make do with the highly remodeled laundry room with the kitty door installed, the heater for the winter time, the fans for the summer time, and the giant bowl of water, permanent 24/7 crunchy dinner bowls.  (had to remove the bowls of food at night because of Ricky Raccoon and his Lady.  They raided too often.  A couple of neighbor kitties do ever so often, but since we don't know if they are strays or cast outs, or are just outside kitties on the hunt for something to eat, we try to have food out during the day.  Stinky goodness is served at Suppertime every evening, and the girls never miss a meal, or leave a lick in the bowl.

Ms Princess aka Spooky (the name given her by the kids what once owned them then
dumped them outside, came one day for a visit, had some scritches, some crunchy dindin
and came back a couple days later bag and baggage.
When they showed up the second time the little Sisfur, Smokey had a broken leg, and Princess had a big patch of hair pulled out of one side of her hind quarters.
Smokey healed, but has a permanent limp, and Princess has a full coat again.
Little Lady kitty was missing her brushing ... still looks like an armful of what she is .....
Love and cuddle.  She hates to be picked up and held, but will take a leap
into my lap before the dust settles under my pants when I sit down in the big
lounge chairs on the cat porch.
Oh, sorry!  They're NOT lounge chairs, but Cat Lounges.  Summertime the girls
sleep in them, always with a catnip toy, a shiny ball, or a yarn rope Mom made
for them.
So!  Now you have met Ms Princess, our second House Panther.  She will be sharing
the posting privileges with MikiCato from time to time.
Now, with new pictures to share, we will be delving to so some tales of fun and
romp, hopefully regularly from now on.

     Now, from MikiCato, Ms Princess and the four other Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, the Small One (Miss Lisa), and myself, the Large One (RoySr), have a great day, enjoy the spring weather, take lots of pictures, and Y'll come see us sometime at SouthWoodsUSA™.  


Anonymous said...

Were thrilled to meet up! what a nice kitty freindly place you have :)

Jewel said...

A sad story, but one with a happy ending. Well done for adopting these two in their time of need.

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Hello Princess! Nice to see you again. We're glad your fur grew back, and that you and Smokey were welcomed at Five Oaks. Lovely photos, Roy. Princess looks right at home.