Monday, January 30, 2012

Midnight Monday with Tillie

I'm just sitting in the sunshine,
contemplating  things.
You can see the Christmas 
greenery arrangement is still looking
good.The coolness of the porch keeps
it going.
The sunshine keeps me going.
It is warm and  I feel energized!

Mostly, I just like to think about things,
like how lucky I  am to have a home and food.
I think about   my friends,my family,Mom.
Where I am going to nap later, how
long until supper...
Gee!!! This is to much thinking .
Maybe I'll just enjoy the sunbeams!!                                                                                                              

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m.q said...

you're sure one lucky kitty!!!

BoBo Salem
Meow Meow family

Bengal Business said...

Wow you realy thinking hard! Don't do to much thinking, momzz sayzz itsss not good for you...but what does she know, right?

Purrrs Lars and Odin

Roy said...

Thinking in sunbeams is good for any kitty, large or small. And for a House Panther, it makes the coat so bright and shiny, and too makes the HP so happy and sleepy and MikiCato just love to toast and snooze in the beams. LOVE the pictures.

Katie Isabella said...

Love your pictures and love what you say. Two weeks ago today I was still in a cage. Now I have a loving home and a very loving mommy.


Katie Isabella said...

Mommy wonders where Taffeta Rose is?


meowmeowmans said...

It's good to think about stuff, Tillie. But it's also good to enjoy those pawsome sunbeams. :)

The Island Cats said...

Enjoy your sunbeams, Tillie!

Oui Oui said...

We are with you on that one! Enjoy!

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

You do look like you are thinking hard, Tillie! All good thoughts, too. Tillie is a very lucky girl.

Here I am Katie!

Tillie and Georgia said...

Oh boy!!! We were wondering where you were Taffy!!! Nice to hear from you again. We purr your eye is better!!!!!
Purrs Tillie

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That's some deep thinking, Tillie. You do need a rest.

Kat and the Furrsonality gang said...

Those are some lovely photos, and we think your eyes is so beautiful.

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Yes, thank you, my eye is MUCH better now. We very much appreciate your purrs.

I haven't heard from Katie, yet.

Christine and FAZ said...

Nice thoughts. FAZ

Denise said...

If you have not seen this link - I think you will enjoy it.
Life Magazine - Black Cats audition - 1961.


Sharon Wagner said...

My cats just say,"I'm grateful that I have such a warm, faithful and cheap servant"

Ryker The Tonkinese said...

Mowzers, Tillie, we just LOVES sunpuddles! You sooo lucky you had one this Monday! We had frost *brrrrr!*

Cathy Keisha said...

You know the really impawtant things in life.

The Purr Diaries said...

Those are some lovely pics!

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