Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thursday, It's Me, MikiCato, from Five Oaks

"Da art of sunbeambathin is sometin not everbodies is capobal of learninin.
Maybe somebodies what cant do it can learns somethin from this
nappie I taked one day a couple three years ago."

"Firs ya finds da centers of da warm spot and parks
yoselfes down facin da sunbeams"

"Iffin it don feel jus rights on da one side, ya jus
flopps over on da oder side"

"Iffin dat don works, ya tries it on da firs side jus
a lil bit furtherer down da sunbeams"

"Now works rite yet?  Den jus rolls over, not gets
up and makes da kitty circle lak we spose to is.
Dat take too much energies"

"Sometime da sunbeams wanna walks off sommers
else and ya finds yaselves in the cool spot"

"It take diligunce and patiences, but all you kitties
kin finds da bestes spot.  Jus you gots to works at it.
Den you takes da 'before da nappie bathy'"

"Now dat everbodies knows da right way to takes
a sunbeambathy, you can all leaves quiet like.
An don slams da door ..... Zzzzzzzzzz"

Have a good day and y'all come see us either/or 
Miki can be seen, along with the other 5 Mouskateers, on all three sites. 


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Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Excellent symposium on sunbeambathin, Miki! Thank you for sharing your extensive experience wit us. As soon as there be sunbeams agin here, (as long as that woman leaves me be), I will be trying out your lessons. Have a nice nap!

Taffy and that woman

Tillie and Georgia said...

Miki Cato,that was a most informative post!! We agree that it is important to be in the centre of the sunspot ;)
It does feel good too,heehee
You also look mighty god in that demonstration ;)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia

meowmeowmans said...

Excellent tutorial, Miki Cato! These are lessons every cat should learn. :)

Roy said...

MikiCato says: "Tanks for da good woids. We tries to do some good wif da lessons an such. Jus so hard gettin da Large One to get if hims Muse to come up wif dese pikture thingies. As him says, 'Y'all comes when you can'. We will too."