Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thursday, It's Me, MikiCato, from Five Oaks

     "Dis one of da days what come alongs when nobodies gots any thoughts of whut to say, nor does dey gots no idee of a story to tells.  So, da Large One, him went pokin through da potoambumz just to seez if we had somethin we could works wif.  Well, I hads to tells himz "when you gots ME den you gots the bestest of all to works wif."
     Him dint tink much of dat one.  Still, here I is."  

"Dis day I done gots coughted playin wif strings
and da Small One's stuff ntings.  Small One fuss,
Large One make 'har de har har', and take pikture."

"Here I be curled on da old computy tablethingy
jus mindin my on bidniz when one of da fambily,
I'm tinkin Large One call him Sun or such .....
Well, him come in and scritch my wakey-wakey
spot and woked me up."

"Here where I done spendz a lot of nap time in da
dayztime, jus cauz of whut da Sun did ta me in 
dat other pikture.
I way up high and da Large One da only one in da fambily
what can reachs me ceptin da one dey callz Jounior."

     "Well, I not likes da wakey, wakey, but I doez likes da scritchy, scritchy when I can triks someones to gives me a bunch.  So, I gots lots of places I takes nappies sos I can be close to where da scritchys are.  A Cat gotta does what a Cat gotta does donchaknows."  
     "I gone!"

Have a good day and y'all come see us either/or 
Miki can be seen, along with the other 5 Mouskateers, on all three sites. 



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Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Oh, Miki! In first picture, your expression is so eloquent of 'being caughted". Guess you're going to have to put up with some wakey ifin you want skritchy. Have a good nap, sweet one.

Laura and Taffy