Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday - It's Me, MikiCato, from Five Oaks

     It me agin, MikiCato, coming to yous from da SouthWoodsUSA hideaway we calls Five Oaks Manor.  Da place be home to Me and da gurlkitties and da boykitties, and we, collektively, is called Da 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor.  
     So, you tinks dat a way too much introductioning and blabber about ourselves and our Beans and our homeplace?  Live wif it Bubba!  I a Southren Gentlemen kitty, and I loves my roots.  Aktually, I don know what my roots is other dan I be all kitty, some Oriental types, but thats to be expectated since we all comes from day big one, Bastet!  I gets into dat stories anudder time.  Rat now I gots a bitchy story for everbudies.

Large One done showed up on da web one day wif dis!
I know it me.  An I know it not a fakedup pikture.
I wuz dere and da yarn was dere,
But I didn don it!  NOT!

Large one say he cotched me in da akt. 
I beggs to differs.  I been setted up!  
I don do no such mess an such.
I a good, decent, honorable, no nonsenses kitty!

Jus you looks into dese eyeballs.
Does I look like I innercent or what?
It were da baby kitty, da bad boy, Rowdy, Da Heathen
what did it befores I getted up for my midnight romp.

     Sos I can hold my heads up high, keeps my pride and knows I is not in da Dorg House here or anywheres else, I repeats my statemen: " I didn done it, Hones I dint!"
     I rests my case!  
     I gone ....

Roy Sr here!  He may, or may not, have NOT done it, but I didn't scold or punish.  At least, if he DID do it, he didn't run hide like some other kitties I know of.  I'll refrain from mentioning any names here, since they are NOT House Panthers.  Well, one is, but she is outside on the Cat Porch.  (You'll meet her when Miki can talk her into posing and helping with the typing.)  Her name is Miss Princess.   
     I'm gone too .....

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Katnip Lounge said...

We KNOW you had nothing to do with it!!!

Laura and Jet Dragon said...

Those eyes are honest and innocent, MikiCato! Glad you stand up for yourself. We bet it was Rowdy, too.

Laura and Taffy

Kwee Cats said...

Hi everybody! Hi Tillie and Georgia! Hi Tiger, Treasure and JoyJoy!

You guys always make us smile!

We wanted to stop by and see what you guys had going on. And we wanted to say thank you for coming to Pungy's Birthday Party too. We are still delighted all you guys were able to come! You sure helped make it all that much greater. And we're real glad you enjoyed all the yummy nom-noms :-)

Thanks again you guys! Have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you later!

The Chair Speaks said...

All hearts will melt looking into your beautiful eyes!

Tillie and Georgia said...

MikiCato, I just know you had nothing to do with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup!! Not a thing ;)
Purrs Tillie