Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hi! I'm MikiCato from Buddy Bear's Cats' World

     The Large One (my big server, aka. Roy) told me I should be on my best behavior here, and that I couldn't talk no normal (read here Kitty) talk in front of everbodies.  Him said I has to talk good old Redneck Southren Country Bean talk.  So I will tries to make like I knows what I'm doin.  
     Guess I must make a short like introduktion of myself and where I comes from now, Huh?
     OK, I be da number #2 kitty in da Manor House (dats Five Oaks Manor) down in da SouthWoodsUSA country in NE Mississippi!  When I says #2 I means I was da second kitty rescued and I also is da second oldest of 6 kitties here.  Well, we don know acktually what Miss Princess' age is (she #5 kitty), but we kinda thinks she be older than Buddy Bear who is #1.  Ah, dat's another story for another time.  You will all learn who is who soon enough.  Oh, Miss Princess is a Mississippi long hair black kitty (part Persian/Angora/we donknow what else, so maybe she can pass for a House Panther.  She also one of two kitties who walked up to the back door from up the road and acrost on the other side, and stayed.  That was over 7 years ago.)  Confused now?  Hopes Not!  
     Anyways, here I be, and there's no way I can does a long post like my Bean, unless of course he lets me. So we'll do some piktures, OK?

Dis be Me bein 'bout 2 year old
Beans were cleanin da ceiling
and covered the Small One's compuyter
with one of the Small One's favorite bed sheets
from da laundry room.
I thought it was for me to sit on so .....
Da Large One done tooked my pikture
when I wasn't lookin.
I donlak dat flashy box the Beans have.

Dis takened bout da same time as da other.
Large One teased me wif a feather toy
I getted dat toy fore da evenin was over too.
Large One snucked da flashy box at me
when I was not lookin
I looked next time.
I don' tink da next one was any good.
Large One said somethin about 'Dear In Headlightes'

     I not wants to make dis a boring long thing likes the Large One makes on his Blog, so I just say agin, "Hey, Hi, Helloes, and hope I kin come again and visit wif all da other handsome (and beautiful) House Panthers.  And we hopes to see more of da many House Panthers out dere on da Bloggies joinin us here. 
     I am KikiCato, and I am done here.  
     Y'all come sees us sometimes.  
     I be back ...... 

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Cindy said...

You could never be boring, no matter how long your posts would be! Nice pictures, especially against the blue.

Katnip Lounge said...

Ooooh, we loves us some house panthers, 'specially spunky ones like you!

Brian said...

The only thing I can say is you are simply stunning!!!

Tillie and Georgia said...

MikiCato. it is so nice to see you posting here :)
House Panthers are SO cool and you look pawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Tillie

Wendy said...

Kiko you are just so handsome and maybe those silly humans might think that cat talk is boring but we felines never find each other boring!

Miss Bella and Sele

ellie said...

U r one good looking panther, Miki Cato! We kitties know what u mean about those human folk trying to coax and trick us so they can get a good photo!