Monday, May 24, 2010

Midnight Monday

Hello fellow House Panthers and friends!!!
It's me, Tillie.
I am watching Mom. She is outside getting grass for me!
She got some for my big brofur Mickey earlier.

Mickey was right about grass!!!
It IS good!!


Oh it smells so good!!!!!!!

Let me at it Mom!!!!!!

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Cat Street Boyz said...

Dad grows us grass all the time but he wonders why 'cause we puke after eating it sometimes, LOL=^Y^=

Brian said...

Oh yea, you're having the good stuff!

Busby and Raymond said...

Nom nom! We love grass too!

Sammy and Andy said...

Hi, Tillie, I'm so very happy to meet are a very beautiful gal. xxxxx Sammy


Hi Tillie! Nice to meet you! That
green stuff is good but we like nip
better! :)

TK said...

You are right Tillie, grass is the nommiest. Now you has to get your humans to makes you your own lawn!
Has fun and eats responsibly.

The Kool~Kittie~Krew said...

WOO~HOO...looks delish!

The Island Cats said...

Tillie! That was so nice of your mom to get you some grass to nom!!

catsynth said...

I know we've said it before, but Tillie really does look like Luna. Especially in that first photo with the grass :)

Patti said...

Oh my gosh this is so cute. So that's why my Linus has been chewing on the spider plant near my desk.

haha -