Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maya and the gang : Update!

In the first pic you can see how well Cleo is doing.She's running around outside and on the roof again,playing with all the bugs in the yard and basically just causing all kinds of mischief.The only effect left over from her accident,is that she has a paralyzed tail.We have decided to not have it amputated,unless it starts to bother her,because right now,she doesn't even seem to care that she can't do anything with her tail.  In the 2nd pic,you get to see all the comfortable glory of Mr.Van.He is a neighborhood tomcat,who seems to have quite a few different 'homes'.He comes by most mornings and evenings,and I give him some food along with my girls.He is a very,VERY vocal boy,who will flirt with anyone,if he thinks it will get him some food.In the 3rd pic,is of course Ogies,Maya's granny.She has now come to live with us permanently as well,so we are no longer just a one kitty home,but suddenly a 3 kitty one!All the girls get along really well,and don't get into spats at all,since they've known each other their whole lives anyway,even though they didn't start out living together.And last but not least,all 4 together,eating their little hearts out.All 4 of them have really good appetites,but Cleo and Van are definitely the 2 who eat the most.Cleo must have a very good metabolism,because she stays ladylike and skinny,no matter how much she eats.Lucky girl!

That's our update! (Sorry for the lack of Maya pictures,but my camera is broken,and like most black cats,she does not photograph very well,without a good camera,and my cellphone cam is definitely not up to the task of capturing her full glory)


Juani,Maya,Cleo,Ogies (and sometimes,Van)
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Mo said...

Oh Maya, thank you for the update!
I was wondering about sweet Cleo since the accident. Glad she is doing so well!
Looks like you certainly have a great family of fur-siblings!
Hope next time we see more of you in the pics, but totally understand about taking black cat photos!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the update. Mom thinks Mr. Van is super handsome

meowmeowmans said...

Thanks for the update! Your kitties are beautiful, and I especially like the last picture (where they are all eating) ... our cats would be eating each others food instead of their own. MOL

TK said...

Is a good updates!
We really liked the picshur of all the girls and Mr. Van eatting together. Looks like a kitty commune.

Juani said...

Once they all start eating,it's not a problem,it's while I'm still dishing everything up,that things can get a little hairy,especially between Van and Cleo,who are the 2 biggest eaters.