Sunday, January 17, 2010

Olde Furt Alex

Hello Panther followers! This is a photo of our older (and I mean OLDer) brother Alex. He was pretty active on Catster, which some of you may know. He was in the group Olde Furts as an admin for awhile. Alex went to the bridge a couple years ago at the ripe old age of 23. It was before we started blogging. He would have LOVED to blog. He was VERY chatty. He would have been on House Panthers all the time.

Speaking of chatty, I KNOW that there are more House Panthers out there besides Sammy (from Sammy & Andy) & Cory & me. Remember that Little Isis challenged us to post here everyday? Come on Panthers! Let's make some noise on this bloggie! xoxo, Raymond

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Juani said...

Wow,how lucky for a kitty to get to such a ripe old age!I wish all kitties could live such long,healthy and happy lives.

Brian said...

Alex sure was a handsome dude! Wow, 23, that was some amazing brother!

Sammy and Andy said...

Wowie, 23!!!!!! Mamabug worries sometimes cuz we're getting up there in cat years, but this gives her a lotta hope that she still has many, many, many years with us.

Alex was a very handsome dude, for sure.


Mo said...

Oh Raymond, that is a great picture of Alex.
So glad your family had him in their lives for so many years! I worry about Spooker every day, and she's just 15! Practically a whipper snapper compared to Olde Furt Alex!
Thanks for this post, it really touched me!