Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Maya on Tuesday: Staying cool

You see that fan in the background of my first picture?It's broken!Can you believe that?!
It's hot,hot,hot summer right now,and what else can a girl do,except lie around on
the cool tiles,while mommy and daddy try to cool off under our other fan.

Note from Mommy: Don't let these pics fool you,Maya is definitely not scared of the heat,and still spends most of her
time running around outside,and sleeping under the plants in the garden.Also,she and Cleo and Ogies
have been on a hunting spree,killing 2 mice in the last 2 days.Don't know which one
of the 3 is the culprit,but I'm guessing it was a team effort ;)


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Brian said...

Oh my, nice fan club you've got going!!!

Busby and Raymond said...

Ha ha! Brian cracked us up! Laying on the cool tile is always good!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a GRRR-8 spot to lay down and cool off! AND, Kudos on the mice catching!

Mo said...

Great pics of you, Maya. We're all members of your FAN CLUB!
Stay cool!