Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cory- Mom's Fingers Taste Good

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My sister Ginger is going to be gossiping about me today...on my very own blog!  I sank my little tooth into my mom's finger.  I was all purry and cute and she was petting me...then one thing led to another and I was rubbing my face on her finger and then....chomp!  She had to go to the human v-e-t...I felt so bad.   You can see the little hole...I just sank it in and pulled it out.

I was just trying to go back to my childhood and recreate the image of cuteness...me as a baby kitten nibbling on mom's finger.  I had no idea that sinking my fang into her flesh would cause such a fuss.  I did it ever so gently...really.  It was a love bitey.  I purred on my mom when she got home.  She still loves me.


Brian said...

Of course Mom still loves you! Don't eat too much at one time, that is the hand that feeds you!!!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Cory!! Nice to see you here at House Panthers!! That Ginger sure is a big tattletale!! I know you thought your mom's finger looked like a big piece of cheese...that's why you sunk your teefs in it!!


Sammy and Andy said...

Great to see you here at the House Panthers, Cory......and sometimes we can get carried away with this love business....and a lot of beans don't realize that one of our ways of showing love is the bitey thing.

Anonymous said...

It's ok...your mommy still loves you. It was your way of saying you love her!

Mo said...

Hi Cory, I read about your bitey on your mom's facebook status.
Sometimes love bites get outta hand, I think we all know that!
Glad you turned on the purrs later!

When I rescued Bella (a non-House Panther, but don't hold that against her!) she bit me so hard it punctured my thumb nail! But now she and I have a special relationship and the bitey is far behind us.
Thanks for posting on House Panthers - looking forward to learning more about you & your adventures!