Monday, December 07, 2009

Hi everyone!

My name's Austin & I'm a grouch! I am a 12+ year old house panther who gets no respect at home. My favorite things to do are to ignore my two younger brothers (my other two brothers that I grew up with already left for the bridge), sleep and follow Mom around the house - for no apparent reason (I just like to mess with her). If you have food, I am your BEST friend, doesn't matter what it is, I'll eat it! Mom says that's not good for a HP & won't feed me anything but my medicine (I gots hyperthyroidism - so I'm hungry ALL the time) and my cat food. She's kind of mean that way, but I guess she's looking out for me. Mom took me traveling in the car a lot when I was little, so now I am an expert traveler - I don't cry or anything! I don't even mind going to the v-e-t, because she is a cutie! I purr for her all the time - especially when she's trying to listen to my heartbeat... Oh, and I sound like popping corn when I purr - really, REALLY loudly! (I'm sure the v-e-t is hard of hearing by now) Anyway, I guess that's enough about me - if you want to, you can read my brother Nico's blog at I haven't contributed yet (partially 'cuz he gets on my nerves) but I will...


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Juani said...

Welcome Austin!

You are super handsome and a great example of how good HP's look at any and all ages.

We hope you enjoy your time here,and that you will have lots of stories and photos to share with us.

Juani and Maya a.k.a House Panther Princess :)

Busby and Raymond said...

Nice to meet you Austin! You are a handsome olde furt.

Brian said...

You just do whatever you want, you've earned that right!!!

Anonymous said...

You sure are a handsome dude, Austin!

Mo said...

Hi Austin - WELCOME!
Feel free to post here any time!
So good to learn more about you.

The Island Cats said...

Hi ya, Austin! You're my kinda House Panther! I like to eat too!!


Fernanda said...

I invite you to visit my blog.

ButterBean said...

DUDee you are awesome

Sammy and Andy said...

Hi, Austin, I'm so very happy to meet you.......I'm Sammy and I'm also 12 years old.....and I can relate to so much that you've said......:)))))

If you'd like to visit me, I'm at although my younger brother does tend to hog the blog!!!!!!