Sunday, November 15, 2009

Isis on Sunday

up high isis 2

Sorry I haven't been blogging here recently. My NTM had to close his store, which means that he & I are unemployed now. He keeps joking that he's gonna put me on a street corner with a sign that says WILL WORK FOR KIBBLE but that hasn't happened yet.
Our iDaddy is visiting from the UK, so that has kep NTM occupied, too - along with the store closing and looking for a new job.
Not being able to go downstairs to work with NTM sure has put a cramp in my style. So, I have discovered how to get up on the cabinets above the kitchen sink. So I can snoopervise everything.
Oh - NTM would like to say that he has gotten a couple requests to join House Panthers over the past few weeks via comments here on this blog, but the comments were not attached to an e-mail, so he cannot respond and send an invite. The best way for any Black Kitty to request to join us here is via e-mail: 
HousePanthers at
Meow for now,

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ladyviral said...

Hope everything goes well :). Take cares~

Sammy and Andy said...

We are purraying for a job for your NTM.

Sammy has tried to join the House Panthers on several occasions, but the e-mail would never send from the link given.....maybe we'll try again today while we're here.


Anonymous said...

I've viewed your blog for several years and although I have 4 black cats, have never asked to join-too hard to get a good picture of my group but I do want to express my very best wishes to both you and NTM and that he finds the perfect job-I live in Michigan too so I know it isn't easy but have faith and good things can happen. All the best.


So sorry to hear your news. I hope
you find a new job. Things are hard
for so many people and kitties now.
Thanx for letting us and your fans
know! :) Jewelgirl

We ♥ House Panthers!