Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Featured Shelter: AniMeals

 AniMeals is an animal food bank and cat rescue NO-KILL facility operating in Missoula, MT. They were recently featured over at The Cat Blogosphere, and they sent us an e-mail that says: "We now have 45 kittens and 25 cats! We are over capacity and in desperate need of any help we can get. We have lots of black cats and understand the situation they are in! We are a no-kill facility and try to let the public know about the stigma against black cats."
And they sent us this adorable picture of Brutis, one of their House Panther kittens who is ready for a Forever Home:

 If you are able, you can help AniMeals directly by visiting their website and making a donation.  Their links are:
OR if you cannot donate monetarily at this time, you can still help!
Click the purple button below, and after you click on the purple "Click here - it's free to give" button, then a VOTE NOW tiny button with RED text will appear.
Click on the VOTE NOW button.
Scroll down, and in the SEARCH box, just look up MT in the states box.  A list of shelters will appear.
Click on VOTE next to the third shelter in the list = AniMeals!
DON'T FORGET to CONFIRM your vote by typing in the name of the animal that appears!

It's that simple!
If we all do this, hopefully AniMeals will get The Animal Rescue Site's weekly donation of $1,000 - and for those of you who buy kibble and kitty litter, you KNOW how a thousand bucks would help!!!
Thanks for your time,
Mo (aka NTM)
on behalf of AniMeals

The Animal Rescue Site

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If you have a no-kill shelter that you would like featured here at House Panthers, just send an e-mail to HousePanthers @ gmail dot com.


Karyn said...

We love it! Thank you some much from AniMeals and Brutis.


Huffle Mawson said...

I went and voted! We have to support the black kitties,