Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Little Isis Portrait

Not The Mama made this new portrait of me for my Facebook profile pic, but since some of y'all aren't on FB, I thought I'd share it here, too. I think it shows that I am truly an internets cat.  What do you think of it?
~ Little Isis

internet isis

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The Kitty Krew said...

Peekaboo! Very cool, Little Isis, your byootiful eyes really pop!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew
Bugsy, Sassy, Callie, Roxy, and expecially Pixie the Panther (oh yeah, and Their Mommy too)

pughy said...

I love it very cool.. Love the eyes..

Hugs GJ xx

Cliff (& Olivia) said...


(We don't do Facebook, so nice of you to publish it here.)