Monday, June 01, 2009

Maya on Monday:Sadness

Hi everybuddy.I am really sad today.My bestest friend,Cleo,disappeared Friday night,and no one knows where she is.My mommy says she thinks that someone stole her,because Cleo is too small to run away on her own.

My mommy,daddy and I miss Cleo lots and lots,and hope that she is safe and happy where she is now.I didn't tell mommy,but I'm still hoping Cleo comes back.I'm going to wait on our couch to see if she comes back.

Please send some purrs for Cleo.

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pughy said...

Oh no, that is such sad news.I bet your friends mum is out of her mind with worry. To lose her is bad enough, to not know were she is, thats awful.
Praying and purring for her return.

Hugs GJ xx

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh no! We will purr and purr and pray for Cleo's safe return. Maybe your mommy could post lotsa signs in the area and knock on doors. That is how my friend found her kitty.

She had posted signs but no one called so she went door to door in the near neighborhoods. It turns out a lady had picked Izzy up not realizing she was someone's kitty (Izzy snuck out while the screen door wasn't shut all the way) and didn't pay attention to the signs.

Izzy is now safe at home and the lady calls every once in a while to check in on her.


Reese =^..^= said...

Ohhhh! I am so sad to hear dis. I am purring for a speedy return.

Amy said...

Oh, that is so sad to hear - we will send our best purrs and prayers of good luck so hopefully she comes home safely!

Penny said...

Thanks everybuddy,you guys are the best!

Mo said...

Any updates on Cleo, Penny?
We're purraying for her safe return!

Penny said...

Everybuddy!You guys must've purred very hard,because they found Cleo,safe and sound.Someone had picked her up in the street,thinking she was homeless,and took her home.But when her mommy started asking around the neighborhood,the people brought her back.

You guys are the best!Thank so much for all your purrs!