Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maya on Wednesday
Introducing my bcf, Cleo

Hi efurrybody! I didn't get on the compooter on Friday, so here I am today.  Aren't you happy? I had a really fun weekend, with lots of eating and playing.  Especially with Cleo, my bestest cat friend.

She lives right next door with her mommy, and is only about a month littler than me. We can get a little rough, but we really like spending time together.  In the mornings she comes and scratches on my mommy and daddy's door so she can come in to play. Then we turn the place upside down.  Yay!

Mommy's apartment is very small, so the extra mattress stands against a wall. Which makes it a fun place to play. Here is my buddy Cleo, enjoying the view.

Cleo is littler than me, so she jumps on higher things, so she can whap me from above. Very smart.

Look how we're 'fighting'. 
We can get rough, but then we kiss and play nice again.

Cleo tries to do the hidey from me, but she's too white, she can't hide as well as I do!

First she hides from me, and now she looks for me.  I'm a good night fight kitty, cos my pantherness means I can hide in the dark really well.  Cleo is like a spook,  you see her easily!

Remember fellow panthers, just cos a kitty isn't so lucky to be all black like we are, doesn't mean they aren't fun. So play nice efurrybody!

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Mo said...

What great pictures and a fun story, Maya!
How neat it is to have a playmate that lives next door!
Thanks for sharing your bcf adventures with us!

Aoise said...

I wish I had a playmate next door. I've just got a BIG woofie !

Lucy Belle said...

In the city, we are all cooped out in high rise boxes so meeting a neighbor is difficult, much less another kitty friend. I am happy you've got a playmate though. =^^= I am sure the both of you will get along just fine!

-d ma said...

looks like you found a pretty good buddy.

TeeRoonie said...

i thought i was the only one that said "compooter"
playdates, how wonderful :)