Friday, March 20, 2009

Maya on Friday

Don't I have purrty eyes?

Morning everyone!

My name is Maya,and I'm a 4 and a half month old mini-House Panther.I saw this wonderful blog,and just knew immediately I want to be a part of it.Very few other kittehs know how awesome it is to be a House Panther,and it's about time we all showed them.But my mommy,Penny,said I should tell you more about myself first,so you can get to know me.

My mommy says I look like a doggy begging for a treat.AS IF Mommy!I'm no doggy,I'm much better ~ I'm a House Panther

Having fun with my Grandma J's baskets,just like Little Red Riding Hood.My Grandma J always brings very yummy treats in these baskets

My mommy doesn't know precisely which day I was borned,because my kitteh mom was very wild,and had me and my brother and sisters inside the roof of their apartment.But my daddy's birthday is November 19,and mommy reckons mine must be around there,so we both decided that would be my birthday.My mommy says I'm a gift from her daddy who went to the people's rainbow bridge in 2007,because she founded me on the one year anniversary that her daddy left.She is very happy I came to live with her and daddy.

Enough with the saddies,my mommy can be a big 'ol crybaby sometimes.I think I should tell you all what I likes to do for fun,because I love fun.We live in a very small apartment,but that doesn't stop me,because there is a window where I can jump out and climb this tree in our front yard,which is lotsa fun,except my daddy had to climb up and get me the first time I did it,cos I kinda went too high.Oopsie.My daddy made me my own scratching post,and I jump all over it when I'm inside,and not wanting to get myself dirrty.When I go in the backyard,there's always a friend to play with,because my kitteh grandma and auntie live right next door.My kitteh grandma is a Siamese cat,and my kitteh mommy was a Calico cat,so my mommy doesn't really know where I got my pantherness from,but she thinks I was very lucky to come out all black.

Being naughty.I can't resist an open cupboard,there's lotsa fun stuff to whap in there.I've been locked inside the cupboards a few times,because I do the hidey very well,especially when it's a little dark,then mommy can't see me at all

Well,that's just a little about me,Maya,but I'm going to come every Friday and show you guys some more about me,because my mommy says I'm getting naughtier and naughtier as I'm growing up,so I'm sure I'll have lotsa good stories to tell you.

Relaxin' after lotsa catchief!

You guys can visit my mommies' blog,Penny's Thoughts,and read lotsa stuff about me there too.I'll see you next Friday,hope all the House Panthers have a very sunny,sleepy,eaty weekend!I know I am going to!

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Country Cats said...

You are super cute, Maya!

Huffle Mawson said...

Hi Maya! It's nice to meet you! My mum wonders if I looked like you when I was little, since I was already five when I found them.

Huffle Mawson

Mo said...

Welcome to the House Panthers blog, Maya! So glad you joined us!
Looking forward to many more of your adventures!
and the purries from
Purrchance To Dream

The Island Cats said...

Hi Maya! It's so nice to meet another House Panther!! I look forward to hearing more stories about you!


Grace said...

Well aren't you just the cutest thing!

C said...

You are really a cute one!! Love your pictures!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Maya!! You are such a cute little kitty!!! Mom is all silly cause she cannot remember Mickey's kitty stage. That's because he is 15!! We are 5 ,but Mom adopted us when we were 3.
WE love meeting panthers !!!!!!
(even though Georgia is a Tortie)
Purrs Georgia & Tillie