Friday, March 27, 2009

Maya on Friday ~ Reading the newspaper

"What is this?Mommy left her noospapers all over the floor again."
"Luckily,I'm not in a naughty mood,so I won't rip all the papers into pieces.I'll do that another day."
"Mmmm,these wordies look kinda interesting.I wonder what they say?"
"Maybe if I walk on the papers,I'll understand better what they mean."
"Stupid noospapers.They make my head hurt.I'm off to go sleep on my daddy's lap."
"Ahhh,this is much better.I always sleep best when I'm with my daddy."

{ mommy said I shouldn't worry that I don't understand the big words in the noospapers,because I'm just a little girl,and have lots of time to get smarter.}


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C said...

Maya, Your so smart! What did the words say I wonder! I want to learn to read too!

Penny said...

It's an Afrikaans noospaper,so English kittehs won't understand it.Luckily I already talk both,but I just can't read so good yet.Hopefully soon!I'm sure if you tried,you could read real soon too.

The Island Cats said...

Maya, we just read the comics!

Elin! said...

I read noospaper too!
The best part is when my human can not turn the page becoz I sit on it!