Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blue Wednesday with Misha

Russian Blue

Have you met Misha? Misha is one of the cats running for Purrresident of the Cat World. In fact, the voting is being held on his Blog, The world According to Misha.

This five year old Russian Blue lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and has posted a great deal of information about the Russian Blue breed on his blog. Be sure to visit today and while you are there, cast your vote for Purrresident of the Cat World!

(I would invite him to join House Panthers, but I can't find an e-mail address for him!)

Russian Blues and other solid grey cats are featured on Wednesdays here at House Panthers. If you have a Blue Wednesday cat you'd like to feature here, send us an e-mail!

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Mo said...

Diamond, you always do such wonderful graphics! I LOVE purple with Russian Blues!

Misha, you are so beautiful!
On my way to vote!


Misha said...

Here I am! Thanks for the wonderful pic - what a surprise!
I'd love to join the House Panthers - sending you an email now...

Misha xoxo

Diamond said...

I am also a beautiful Russian Blue. Misha is very elegant too.

Ramses said...

Russian Blues are purrty, they are often next to us Abys at shows and the one's both Isis and myself have met over the years have been very polite too! However I still think that a Blue Abyssinian is far purrtier, one day Isis hopes to have a Blue kitten or two as her momma cat is Blue! :) This time round there's a small chance that she'll have some purrty Sorrel's with furs like mine though, if not they'll all have Usual/Ruddy furs like Isis has! :)

Off to smother My Mummy in furs now I think...


Jewelgirl said...

WELCOME MISHA! This is a beautiful
picture. The lilac and greys work
so beautifully together!

Jerusalem Jones said...

I like your style. You can color coordinate the flag of the New Cat Empire-- Catopia! Viva La Revolution!

Yours in domination,
Jerusalem Jones, P.P.

Margaret Cloud said...

Very pretty, I have never heard of a Russian Blue.