Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday is Grrsday

Grr: This year, like every year, The Lady is going to get out the Dreaded Santa Hat and try to take pictures of us with it on. Here are some of the pictures from past Christmases. First, my sister Midnight...
Next, my brother Cocoa...
And, finally, the Lady's favorite picture of me, Grr. Sorry it's blurry, but I wasn't exactly holding still. The hat is Evil. I hate the hat!
We're all getting ready. We know that any time now that hat is coming for this year's attempts at photos. We'll be posting the results soon.

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Jewelgirl said...

Ha ha, I found a new Santa hat at Pet Smart with velcro. All my kitties
are going to have thier photos
taken!!! Great faces on the kitties!!

3 Cat Blog said...


Yes, I believe you! Evil hat!!! Glad you took care of that.

Mo said...

I know Cocoa doesn't want to hear this, but I think that's my favorite picture of him. The look on those eyes is just priceless.

The one of Grr is great, too, but the Cocoa one just says volumes!

Uncle Mo

Dianna said...

Much easier just to photo shop the hat on, don't you think? Saves lots of medical bills...

The Island Cats said...

Oh no! Not the Santa hat!

Anonymous said...'re so adorable! :)

Lotsa love,
Mia xox