Saturday, October 04, 2008

Stygian Saturdays

Hi everyone, it's me, Stygia. You can call me Styggie if you like. I've had a rough week because for most of it, my favorite person was away. We asked and asked and asked our other person in the house, "Where is she? Where?!" I did not actually care where she was, I just wanted her to return home, where she belongs, but I began to fear she never would.

But now she is back! And I am so, soooo happy. In fact, I am sharing her chair with her, sitting right behind her and helping her to stay warm, right as we speak. I never sat here before, but now I have to make sure I stay close by so I know exactly where she is.

This Saturday, let us all spend the day cuddling and being happy that our favorite people are here. Well, you don't have to -- if you're a House Panther, you should pretty much be able to do whatever you want. But I know what I'm going to be doing today!


Mo said...

My tiny House Panther, Little Isis, has been in major "hold me" mode since she had her ladygardenectomy earlier this week.
For a bit, while I was reading my e-mail earlier, she was perched on my shoulder - but then went off to chase Petey.
I'm glad your favorite person has returned safely to you!
Lots of snugglies,
Not The Mama

Jewelgirl said...

What a face, so happy things have
worked out! Purrsssss! Spooky Do
and family!

GRRRETA said...

After Mrs. C disappeared for days, I don't blame you for keeping very close tabs on her. Spending the day cuddling and being happy is very good advice. That's a sweet picture of you.

Phoebe, A Siamese Cat said...

Glad to see your mom is home and you can cuddle!

Mickey said...

It is always the happiest og days when our beans come back,isn't it?!!!!
Enjoy all the snuggles and treats!!
Purrs Mickey

whatloknows said...

what a darl'n facey-pie.