Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blue Wednesday

I am most very sorry I am late with this. The wall in the bathroom fall down (I have nothing to do with this), and the digital camera will not turn on (I have nothing to do with this either) and we have been very busy getting ready from the Masquarade tomorrow at Castle Diamond. Be sure to stop by and see all the decorated cats and woofies and see if you can figure out who they are!

House Panther,Russian Blue

Today's special guest on House Panther is Gandalf the Gray!

See you at the Masquarade tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Hey look! It's me! What a neat-o surprise! Thank you very much! Ha ha Grayson, it is not you! -Gandalf

Cory said...

Cool piture of Gandalf! He looks very serious.

The Island Cats said...

Hey, Gandalf! It's so cool you made it to House Panthers!