Monday, September 29, 2008


Spooky Do enjoys his view of the outdoors from a
second story window perch. Spooky Do has been
a mischievous man cat lately. Last night, just before
nightfall Spooky Do bolted out of the front door and
ran underneath a large evergreen tree in our yard.
Luckily we caught him before it was too dark to see
him. Spooky Do is safe now, but I think he has a bit
of a smile on his face from his latest outside adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Darn, you were thisclose, Spooky Do!

Dianna said...

Diamond goes out all the time but doesn't really go anyplace. A trip across the street to the canal is as far as she'll wander. Tris has gone walk about but having spoken with Jeff today, I understand that's not unusual, so we're still holding out hope that he'll show up.

Mo said...

Spooky Do, I'm glad your safe inside!!!
Halloween is coming, so all black kitties should stay safely inside!

Mickey said...

How was your taste of freedom ;)
I must say,though,inside is safer :)
Purrs Mickey