Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tuesday on the Island with Ernie

Hi everyone! My name is Ernie. I'm new here at House Panthers. I'm an Island Cat along with Wally and Zoey. What's an Island Cat, you ask??? Well, there's only 3 requirements: 1) You must be a cat. I think I've got that one covered! 2) You have to live on an island. I live in Grosse Ile, Michigan which is an island in the Detroit River, just south of Detroit, Michigan. And 3) You have to be spoiled rotten. Yep, I'm spoiled...just ask my mom!

Being a new member of House Panthers, I thought I'd share some information about myself.
  • Nicknames: Easy-E, E-Cat, Ernie-Cat, Bubbs

  • Birthdate: I'm not sure of the exact day...I think I was born sometime in July 2005. That makes me about 3 years old. But I consider my real birthday as the day my Mom brought me to my forever home - March 11, 2006.

  • Weight: About 13 lbs.

  • My Story: Mom adopted me when I was about 7 months old. I don't remember much before that. They say I lived somewhere where they wouldn't allow pets so I ended up in the shelter. (My Dad thinks I lived on the streets somewhere.) The shelter people were nice but I'm so happy my Mom picked me!!

  • Peculiar Marks: I'm a polydactyl. Which means I have extra toes...I have 7 toes on each of my front paws and 5 on each of my back feet. Mom says it makes me special. Any other Poly Panthers out there???

  • Name Story: My name at the shelter was Mister. Mom quickly changed it to Ernie. I'm named after Ernest Hemmingway, the author. Beside his writings, he's famous for having polydactyl cats. In fact, Hemmingway's house in Key West, Florida is now a historical site. And it's home to many polydactyl cats...some which are the original decendants of Hemmingway's cats!

  • Favorite Moment: When Mom brought me home from the shelter.

  • Likes: Feet...I don't know why, I just do.

  • Dislikes: The fact that people are afraid of black cats and are reluctant to adopt black cats because of superstitions. I'm sure you all agree, black cats are wonderful!

  • Favorite Activity: Whapping pens off the table and playing with them on the floor, even though it drives my Mom crazy!

I'm really excited to be a House Panther!! Every other Tuesday, I'll share stories with you about life as an Island Cat! In the meantime, you can visit me at http://island-cats.com/. Wally and Zoey are there too, but they aren't Panthers!!!

See ya soon!!!

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catsrule532/ elena said...

cool more toes!
does that mean u hav extra claws?

-d ma said...

nice to meet you ernie. looks like you were a little surprised when your mom took the picture. were you up to something?

The Island Cats said...

-d ma, i was probably getting into trouble...mom says trouble is my middle name!


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

hi! it is great learning more about you Ernie. my birthday is the day mommy picked me up from the side of the road, she said it the the day my "good life" started. i'm glad your mommy agrees.
"trouble is your middle name" that is funny. and sounds like fun...

The Island Cats said...

Elena, yep, for every toe I have a claw...which doesn't make mom or me happy when she clips them!


Eric and Flynn said...

Haha, yes you do look as if you have been caught out doing something. Here it's considered lucky if a black cat crosses your path. My mum calls me Big Easy sometimes, but usually it's just Big E

catsynth said...

Welcome to Ernie!

We're always glad to meet new House Panthers.

Angus Mhor said...

Ernie! Friend! I'm a poly, too, a Pixie-bob poly, with 7 toes on each front foot..catcher's mitt-style! Aren't they good for whapping? Driving your mom crazy is what you were made for!

HotMBC said...

Good to meet you Ernie! I bet it's fun to be an Island panther. That's like extra special.
your bud Pepi

Mickey said...

Hey Ernie!!!!!!!!
That was a great post :)
My sisfur Georgia is a polydactyl on fron and back paws too,except she is a Tortie :)
My friend Shadow is a polydactyl. You can see him here


Purrs Mickey

meemsnyc said...

Hi Ernie, It's so nice to meet you! Whapping pens off the table sound like fun!