Sunday, August 17, 2008

Down Under Sunday

Hey black kit kats! It's time for Down Under Sunday again! Today I'm going to show you the evolution (yeah, that's a big word for a small kitty) of how we get around in Melbourne. These are called TRAMS. I don't know what that means either.

Here is the first type of tram we had in Melbourne, about 652 kitty years ago.

Then we got these ugly orange and brown ones.  They don't match anykitty's fur really.
Then we got these square-faced ones.  There are still plenty of these trams around, especially the way my mum goes to work and she always says they get the *bad word* trams on her route because nobody cares.  I don't know what that means either.
Now we have these two kinds of trams for people to ride on.  But not everywhere, mum says only the people who live in really expensive suburbs get the nice trams.  And maybe in the places where the people who own the trams live.

And the weather this week?  Cold and raining every day.  About 13 deg C (55 f) all the time.  Except at night when it's really cold.  I can't wait for summer to warm up my furs!


Mickey said...

Gee,that is a neat collection of things that beans use! I bet it would hold a lot of kitties too!! Maybe we will have to come down there sometime and have a tour ;)
It will have to be when it's warm there which is good because it will be cold here !
Purrs Mickey

Mo said...

I love it when cities have COOL public transportation.
Thanks for sharing details of Melbourne with us!
Not The Mama

The Island Cats said...

That was interesting, Huffle. We don't have trams here on the island. We have to drive cars or ride bicycles or walk.

Wally, Ernie & Zoey

ps. we hope it warms up for you real soon! Here on the island, today it's 82 degrees (f)! We'll send some warm weather your way!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, hey, my beans is train fans, so trams is kewl too. Those are grate pictors. They all run on rails, right? Do you has stoopid drivers puttin their cars in the way alla time? Dat's what happens here. Duh, the tram won't swerve offa the tracks, so keep yur car off! Purrs