Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black Beast Of Exmoor

Black Panther

Little Isis and I watched MonsterQuest on The History Channel last night - and the subject was the Black Beast Of Exmoor. A big black cat has been seen numerous times in Exmoor, in southwestern England. One theory is that some black jaguars or leopards escaped sometime in the past from a circus or private collector, and have suvived to sustain a small population in the wilds of England (there have been sightings of cubs). Video looks like a black panther to me!
Considering here in southwestern Michigan the Department Of Natural Resources denies there are any mountain lions in the area, in spite of numerous sightings and forensic evidence, I tend to believe the eyes and cameras of the people of the Exmoor area.
What do you think - could there be a large cat in a populated rural area in England?
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Jewelgirl said...

I am a bit skeptical the locals say
they've seen Nessy too but there hasn't been the evidence to prove it.
If it is true, many visitors would
visit Devon to see the cats. Maybe
the panther is their NessyCat?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Wixom during the panther years in the mid 80s. Never saw it myself but a horse in Milford was killed when some creature attacked it and tore it's throat. Plenty of farm animals and small creatures for a panther to feast on.

Samantha & Mr. Tigger said...

Samantha & I watched that same show last night! We love MonsterQuest! Seems like there is too many killings to be nothing!
Mom and Samantha

Sweet Praline said...

Sounds very interesting. We hate we missed the show.

Mickey said...

That is a very cool pic!!!I don't know if I want to run into him though :o
Purrs Mickey