Sunday, April 20, 2008

Easy Like Sunday Morning

black cat
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Shadow lives with three other cats: TT, Molly, and Fatty. They all blog at The Midadventures of Me. He is the only mancat in the group and strangely enough is also the calmest of the cats.

He nearly died when he was a tiny kitten in 2003. Some very mean people dropped off Molly and Shadow and their momcat and left them to take care of themselves. When their Humans found them, Shadow was so cold and hungry that he couldn't even lift his head. He was taken home and wrapped in a warm blanket and fed with sugar water until he could regain his strength. When his Human Mom couldn't look after Shadow, the Boy took care of him. Shadow has been devoted to The Boy ever since.

He loves catnip, but he will only accept it if it is on a plate or in a bowl. If it is just on the floor, he will ignore it. Shadow also loves to play with toy mousies and feather toys.

Shadow is polydactyl, having three extra toes on each of his front paws. Despite rumors to the contrary, not all Polydactals are related to Ernest Hemmingway's cats. Polydactalism is a naturally occurring defect due to close inbreeding amongst cats - most likely ship cats. Once it occurrs in a bloodline however, it does breed true.

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Easy Like Sunday Morning
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Weekend Catblogging!

Find Weekend Cat Blogging #150 (Apr. 19-20) is being held by Mog and Meowza at the Mind of Mog.

Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos #41 (04-20-2008) will be hosted at Cat Blogosphere in the absence of the Pooh Box Clan, who are moving.
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Bad kitties, Bad kitties, What we gonna do?
What we gonna do now that they've come for you?

The Carnival of the Cats #214 (4/20/08) is being hosted by Aloyisius at the Catymology
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(Next week, the Carnival comes to HOUSE PANTHERS!)

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Quivering Tail

Have you ever wondered what it means when your cat stands erect with her tail Shaking? In general, your cat is telling you that she is excited. Specifically, if she is interacting with you, she's letting you know that she is a happy cat.

Chemical Message

Have you ever wondered why your cat, after you have greeted her, immediately starts licking herself vigorously? When you petted her, you placed your scent on her hair. By bathing herself she is detecting and interpreting your smell.

Did you know? Americans spend more annually on cat food than on baby food.

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Want to join House Panthers? Our membership is open to members of the black, grey (Russian Blue) and dark brown (Bombay) clans. Ask Not the Mama to e-mail you an invitation!

Don't Forget! Monday is Midnight Monday here at House Panthers! Show off your beautiful black coat!

Tuesday is Black Tabby Tuesday for all you black tabbies out there, Wednesday is Blue Wednesday for our Russian Blue members,Thursday is Grrday, and Friday is Formerly Feral or Foster Friday.

Find a new friend at, the temporary home of 245,845 adoptable pets from 11,827 adoption groups. Over 9,000 house panthers are available around the country!

black cat

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