Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blue Wednesday

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A big, fluffy gray House Panther, Magoo lives Alberta, Canada, with Baci, Dolce, and Bella. He was Smudge's brofur, before Smudge's medical problems led to his relocation to his Grandmother's house.

Magoo turned 12 on March 3rd. This endangered Canadian Lynx was last featured on House Panthers, the day before, March 2, 2008.

Once a wee little kitten, Magoo has become a great Mancat. A terror to all who try to invade his territory. Master of all that he can survey from his deck.

You can find Magoo on And then there were four, eh?.

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Wednesday's Events at Cat Blogosphere
White Wednesday for all Whitesters!
Whisker Wednesday … show off your whiskers.
Wordless Wednesday or Wordy Wednesday, you decide.
Wednesday is Gingersday too for all Gorgeous Gingers.
Way back Wednesday, for those who have come before.
Weird Wednesday for all sorts of strangeness.
Wondering Wednesday, to ask, or answer questions.

Here at House Panthers, it's Blue Wednesday for all our Russian Blue Members!

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LONG-Haired Cats And Furr-Balls

Furr-balls develop when a cat grooms herself with her tongue and and swallows the hair.

Furr-balls are not among the many great qualities of long-haired cats, but they are part of the beauty. How should you deal with them? Here are some answers.

Furr-balls, or Hair-balls, can form into a mat or a ball within the digestive system. The presence of this foreign material can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, especially if it obstructs the pathway of food from the stomach. As it makes its way further into your cat’s system, it can cause constipation. This is why they have the instinct to cough up a furr-ball but if they have trouble here is what you should look for:

Common symptoms include vomiting or regurgitation. Often the hairball is brought up, but it may be preceded by fluid or food. Occasionally, you may hear a dry cough or it may sound like your cat has something stuck in the back of the throat. Your cat may also experience constipation.


There are several things you can do to treat furrballs. These include:

Frequent brushing. Brushing your cat frequently can reduce the amount of hair your kitty swallows.

Furrball products. You can also use petroleum-based products (such as Laxatone) that act as a laxative and lubricant to help your cat pass a hairball. These products, which are pleasant tasting to cats, can be fed in paste form or applied to your cat’s paws to allow your pet to lick it off.

Furrball remedy treats. You can also give your cat treats that contain mineral oil, such as Pounce Furrball treatment, to break up the balls. Also out there are some pet food companies that manufacture food for cats with recurrent fur ball problems. Ask your veterinarian about these.

Did you know? The name most used for a pet cat is 'Kitty'. The most used phrase is 'Here Kitty, Kitty' with 'You Stupid Cat' running close behind.

(It is nice to know we have no one named "Kitty" or any stupid cats either, here at House Panthers.)

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Lyn said...

cute babies you have happy ww

jenianddean said...

Magoo is such a handsome mancat!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat