Monday, December 10, 2007

Midnight Monday Express

I am looking forward to the release of Harry Potter V on DVD tomorrow so in the best tradition of the Hogwarts Express I bid you to jump aboard this special edition of Midnight Monday...

We start out on a dark and stormy night;

Our first stop is with Mickey for Mancat Monday where he combines the best of being a House Panther and a Man-cat!


Then drop by Missy, KC & Bear's place for Sunday with the mostly black mites;

Next check out Grr, Midnight and Coco's Midnight Monday +1 Challenge!! It's okay Grrr, I won't wear the Santa Hat either;

Pepi shows off his floof;

While Annie shows off Her artistic talents. (That's a great project she has going there);

Join Jack where it'sEasy like Sunday on Monday;

Santa Claws

Mr. Hendricks is looking very festive in this Fashion Friday spread;

And Little Isis is learning to be an elf. Oh wait that didn't work out so well...;

Meanwhile ICanhasCheezburger shows us Grey kittens come from;


Dorrydoo is chillin' over at The Ballicas Blog;

Next we're stoppin' by The Daily Kitten to meet Gavin a cute little House Panther bundle of fluff that kind of looks like me;

Tigmut'hep shares his Chrismas list with us;

William has cleaned up the crafts room and now needs a long winter's nap;

Black Cat has some amusing videos to watch with the most adorable little house panther in it;

This little panther needs a helping hand;

Hunter gets some mail but he has to share;

Smudge got his Christmas tree put up;

Over in Louisiana, Madness is out rolling in the sand;

We round the final curve to discover that Krasota Castle Cats is showing off kitten pictures;

and as we head into the station, Taz discovers snow!

LOL Cats
moar funny pictures

Oh wait....maybe we shouldn't get off here...

(Sorry if I miss anyone!)


Mo said...

Diamond Emerald-Eyes, that was quite a wrap-up!
Thanks for the icanhascheezburger laugh!

Not The Mama

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

We love this - thanks for putting it all together!

Barlow Putz said...

i am not allowed in the house, i think it is because i am a tom, and i have always been out, but one of my masters thinks i am beautiful like you and now i have outdoor pumbing(aheated water dish) and a heating pad and a house over the could go to the icon and clidk and scrool down to me in the middle of four dogs which i rule as my kindom

Mickey said...

That was a great post!!! Thanks!!!

Samantha & Tigger said...

Hey Diamond Emerald Eyes, that was cool!! Thanks for an update on all the House Panthers!!
Your FL furiends,